Designing a UML 1.5 Statechart Diagram

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Following are tips and techniques that you can use when working with UML 1.5 Statechart Diagram.

To design a UML 1.5 Statechart Diagram, follow this general procedure:

  1. Create Start and End points.
  2. Create main states and substates.

    Tip: You can create nested states.

  3. Create transitions.
  4. Create history nodes.
  5. You can optionally create shortcuts to related elements of other diagrams.

To create entry and exit actions:

  1. Create an internal transition in the desired state.
  2. Double-click the internal transition to enable in-place editing.
  3. Rename using the following syntax: stereotype/actionName(argument)For example: exit/setState(idle)

Alternatively, create an internal transition and set the event name, event arguments, and action expression properties using the Object Inspector for the internal transition.

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