Displaying and Editing Graphics Fields in an Image Control

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Vcl.DBCtrls.TDBImage is a data-aware control that displays graphics contained in BLOB fields.

By default, TDBImage permits a user to edit a graphics image by cutting and pasting to and from the Clipboard using the CutToClipboard, CopyToClipboard, and PasteFromClipboard methods. You can, instead, supply your own editing methods attached to the event handlers for the control.

By default, an image control displays as much of a graphic as fits in the control, cropping the image if it is too big. You can set the Stretch property to True to resize the graphic to fit within an image control as it is resized.

Because the TDBImage can display large amounts of data, it can take time to populate the display at run time. To reduce the time it takes scroll through data records, TDBImage has an AutoDisplay property that controls whether the accessed data should automatically displayed. If you set AutoDisplay to False, TDBImage displays the field name rather than actual data. Double-click inside the control to view the actual data.

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