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The Code Editor is a full-featured ASCII editor. If you are using the visual programming environment, a form is automatically displayed in the Form Designer as part of a new project. You can start designing your application interface by placing objects on the form and modifying how they work in the Object Inspector. But other programming tasks, such as writing event handlers for objects, must be done by typing the code into the Code Editor.

In the Code Editor, the contents of the form, all of its properties, its components, and their properties can be viewed and edited as text. You can adjust the generated code in the Code Editor and add more components within the editor by typing code. As you type code into the editor, the compiler is constantly scanning for changes and updating the form with the new layout. You can then go back to the form, view and test the changes you made in the editor, and continue adjusting the form from there.

The code generation and property streaming systems are completely open to inspection. The source code for everything that is included in your final executable file - all of the VCL objects, RTL sources, and project files - can be viewed and edited in the Code Editor.

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