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Go Up to Localizing Applications by Using Translation Manager Index

Go Up to View Menu

View > Translation Manager

Views and edits language resource files.

Item Description

Project tab

Displays the following tabs:The Languages tab lists each language in the open project and the locale ID, file extension, and translation directory for each language.The Files tab lists the resource files for the language selected on the Languages tab. Double-click a resource file to open it in a text editor.

Workspace tab

Displays a tree view of the project. When you select a non-resource in the left pane, summary information appears in the right pane. When you select a resource file in the left pane, a grid for viewing and editing translations appears.

Workspace Tab Actions Context Menu

The Actions > context menu provides quick access to commonly used function while using the Translation Manager/External Translation Manager. To access the Actions menu, in the Workspace tab you can either double-click the Actions button or right-click the grid.

Item Description


Lets you display or hide rows based on the following criteria: Show All > , Toggle > (jumps between displaying criteria that are either checked and unchecked in the Columns > context menu), Show None > , Show Untranslated > , Show Translated > , Show Newly Translated > , Show Auto Translated > , and Show Unused (translations that were kept even after the resource was later deleted).


Lets you display or hide columns by checking the column name. Show All > displays all columns, Toggle > jumps between displaying criteria that are either checked and unchecked in the Columns > context menu), and Show None removes all of the columns from the display.


Displays the Edit Selection dialog box where you can edit the value for the target language, status, or comment field.


Displays the following commands: Add strings to Repository stores the translation from the selected row(s) into the Repository database. Get strings from Repository searches the Repository for a translation in the target language whose source string matches the selected resource.


Displays the Font dialog box, allowing you to change the font of the values in the base language column, the target language column, and the comment column.

Copy previous line

Overwrites the selected value in the target language column with the value from the cell immediately above (only if the value is the same type, such as a number or a text string).

Copy previous translation

Pastes an earlier version of the source strings and their translations that have been overwritten by the updater.

Copy from original

Overwrites the target language value with the base language value and changes the status from Translated to Untranslated.

Change status to Translated

Changes Untranslated to Translated in the Status column. You can also click the arrow in each Untranslated/Translated drop-down box to change the status.

Find next untranslated item

Jumps to the next row in the grid that has a status of Untranslated.

Select all

Selects the values in all rows and columns.

Workspace Tab Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available in the Workspace tab:

Item Description


Select everything in grid.


Copy selection to clipboard.


Copy translation from prior row in grid.


Show Multiline editor.


Show Find dialog box.


Keep forms on top.


Find next untranslated item.


Copy text from source (base language) column into translation column.


Restore translation from Previous translation column.


Show Actions context menu.


Save translations.


Change status to Translated.


Paste selection from clipboard.


Reset column width.


Cut selection and add to clipboard.


Switch between left and right panes in Workspace tab.


Refresh translated form.


Show original form.


Show translated form.


Refresh grid.


Synchronize the translated version with the base language version, for example, when changes are made to the base version.


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