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Tools > Options > User Interface > Form Designer > FireUI Live Preview

RAD Studio includes FireUI Live Preview, starting from Berlin version.

FireUI Live Preview is a server/client multi-device tool that allows you to broadcast the active form of your application, in real time, to several devices simultaneously.

See how your application looks and behaves on different devices while you keep working in the IDE, without running the application on the devices and without creating additional views.

FireUI Preview Diagram.png

FireUI Live Preview consists of two parts:

  • The IDE: Acts as the server, accepting connections from the clients and broadcasting the active form to the clients.
  • The FireUI App Preview: The client application that the device needs to connect to the IDE.

FireUI Live Preview Main Characteristics

  • FireUI Live Preview:
    • A server/client multi-device tool.
    • Uses Tethering over the network as the undergoing technology.
    • Compatible with Multi-Device forms.
    • For design purposes. No code is sent to the client.
    • Only applies to the Master View.
  • FireUI App Preview (Client):
    • The client application needed to connect to the IDE.
    • A device can only be paired with a single IDE instance.
    • Available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
    • Compatible with different type of devices: computers, tables, and mobiles.
    • Pre-compiled clients provided with RAD Studio do not support third-party components.
Note: See How to Obtain FireUI App Preview for more information about the client.

FireUI Live Preview Structure

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