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An HTML template is a sequence of HTML commands and HTML-transparent tags. An HTML-transparent tag has the form

<#TagName Param1=Value1 Param2=Value2 ...>

The angle brackets (< and >) define the entire scope of the tag. A pound sign (#) immediately follows the opening angle bracket (<) with no spaces separating it from the angle bracket. The pound sign identifies the string to the page producer as an HTML-transparent tag. The tag name immediately follows the pound sign with no spaces separating it from the pound sign. The tag name can be any valid identifier and identifies the type of conversion the tag represents.

Following the tag name, the HTML-transparent tag can optionally include parameters that specify details of the conversion to be performed. Each parameter is of the form ParamName=Value, where there is no space between the parameter name, the equals symbol (=) and the value. The parameters are separated by whitespace.

The angle brackets (< and >) make the tag transparent to HTML browsers that do not recognize the #TagName construct.

When working with HTML templates, you will

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