Language Exceptions

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Go Up to Embarcadero Debuggers

Tools > Options > Debugger Options > Embarcadero Debuggers > Language Exceptions

Use this page to configure how the debugger handles thrown language exceptions. The debugger always stops on unhandled exceptions.

Item Description

Notify on Language Exceptions

Halts the execution of your program when your program raises a language exception. If this box is checked, the debugger ignores the exception types you select in Exception Types to Ignore. To place this command on your toolbar for easy access, use the View > Toolbars > Customize > Commands page.

Exception Types to Ignore

Lists the types of exceptions you want the debugger to ignore (checked) or not (unchecked). The debugger will not halt execution of your program if the exception raised is listed and checked, or derived from any exception that is listed and checked.


Displays the Add Exception dialog box, allowing you to add a user-defined exception to the list.


Removes the highlighted, user-defined exception from the list. You can not removed default language exceptions from the list.

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