Migrating VCL Applications to FireMonkey

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You can migrate VCL applications to FireMonkey either manually or using the third-party Mida Converter IDE extension.

Migrating VCL Applications to FireMonkey Manually

Although there is no direct migration path between the VCL and FireMonkey, you can:

  1. Create a new FireMonkey application.
  2. Modify, cut and paste the content of your existing VCL application into your new FireMonkey application.

This method is essentially refactoring your VCL application so that it becomes a FireMonkey application. See Commonly Encountered Differences Between the VCL and FireMonkey for a list of issues that you might find during the conversion.

Migrating VCL Applications to FireMonkey Using the Mida Converter IDE Extension

The Mida Converter is a third-party IDE extension that automates some aspects of migrating VCL applications to FireMonkey.

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