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For multi-device database applications, you need to specify the correct database drivers for the multi-device application before you can run, debug, or deploy the application. Follow the steps given in this topic.

Database applications that do not use the VCL can be configured to be multi-device in the IDE. Any application that uses the VCL can only be run on Windows (VCL has no support for other platforms).

You can open existing dbExpress applications in RAD Studio and enable them for multi-device in the same ways as other multi-device applications.

Creating a Multi-Device Application or Converting an Existing Application to Multi-Device

To create a new multi-device dbExpress application or to convert an existing dbExpress application to multi-device, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open or create your dbExpress application in RAD Studio, and compile the application but do not try to Run, debug, or deploy yet.
  2. For the macOS and iOS target platforms:
    1. Install and start the Platform Assistant.
    2. Create a connection profile, add an SDK if needed, and add and activate the target platform you are using.
    3. Use the Connection Profile Manager page to test the connection.
  3. For the Android target platform, add an Android SDK, and add and activate the target platform you are using.
  4. Choose Project > Deployment to open the Deployment Manager, and enable the correct database drivers for your target platform (Win64, macOS, iOS, or Android).
  5. When you are ready to run or debug your application, select Run > Run Without Debugging or Run > Run (run with the debugger).
  6. To fine-tune your deployment, use the Deployment Manager to add or remove files from the deployment.

You can deploy multi-device application and drivers by using the Deployment Manager.

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