New features and customer reported issues fixed in RAD Studio 11.0

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Abstract: List of new features and customer reported issues fixed in RAD Studio 11.0 Alexandria.


RAD Studio™️ is the ultimate RAD environment for quickly building high-performance native cross-platform applications in Delphi and modern C++ using integrated toolchains loved by developers.

RAD Studio 11 Alexandria consists of new features, enhancements, and quality improvements.

Key RAD Studio 11 Features

  • New IDE Enhancements
    • High DPI IDE
    • Welcome Page
    • Open Tools API Changes
    • VCL Styles in the Designer
    • Form Designing and Code Editing
    • Options Dialog Performance
    • FireMonkey Design Guidelines and Margins
    • DelphiLSP for Visual Studio Code and Other Editors
    • Code Insight (DelphiLSP) Improvements
    • Warning for Build Events
    • Other IDE Changes
  • Delphi ToolChain Improvements
    • New macOS ARM 64-bit Target Platform
    • Binary Literals and Digit Separator
  • C++ ToolChain Improvements
    • New C++ Code Formatter
    • C++ / Delphi Compatibility
  • VCL and FireMonkey Changes
    • TRichEdit Component updated to RichEdit 4.1 (MSFTEDIT.dll)
    • VCL Modernization Work
    • FireMonkey
  • RTL and Data
    • Platform Identifiers
    • RTL: TZipFile
    • RTL large data structures improvements
    • New Record Helpers
    • Bluetooth and BLE Improvements
    • Additional RTL Enhancements
    • FireDAC
    • Internet, HTTP and REST Client Libraries
    • Internet Server Technologies
  • Installer Changes

For a detailed list of new features, please visit the What's New page.

Publicly reported bugs fixed in 11.0

RAD Studio 11.0 Alexandria release includes over 500 quality and performance enhancements, including fixes for publicly reported bugs.

Summary Component/s ExternalID
Regression from 10.3.0 - The help file is missing in the GetIt Package of CodeSite Express. 3rd Party RSP-23759
Errors occur during compilation of Eigen test. (Symbols in global namespace) 3rd Party, Demos, RTL, RTL\C++, RTL\C++\Math RSP-26174
Exception rethrow not working on clang 64bit Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-23469
static library project ignores .c files [batch compilation] Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-24609
comment is not finished in the math.h file Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-32567
TBlueToothLE Throws Invalid Pointer Operation Error Upon Close Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-21548
reference to HCATADMIN is ambiguous Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-33705
Clang32 crash: [bcc32c Error] ...: ICE: Internal compiler error: 0 @ 00000000 Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-24315
[ICE] __finally still broken in 10.4 Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-29161
bcc32c: cannot compile this 'this' captured by SEH yet Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-23383
latest Orpheus components package fails to compile Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-34210
force c++ compile not equal to a c++ compile [C++11 not C++17] Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-32684
ifstream constructor no longer accepts FILE* as a parameter Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-24132
bcc64 ICE: Internal compiler error: 0@00000000 Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-33270
Debugger: Exception-Classname is corrupt in exception-info-dialog Compiler, Compiler\C++ RSP-33330
Missing files with ld-linux.exe: start_linux64.o, SysInit.o, end_linux64.o Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG RSP-17492
[bcc64] Using a typedef-name when naming a destructor fails Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG RSP-9431
CLANG] Using typeid of delphi-style classes causes AV Compiler, Compiler\C++, Compiler\C++\CLANG, Compiler\C++\CLANG\Front End RSP-12474
attach to C++ 64bit process and debugging it does not work at all, 32 bit works more or less Compiler, Compiler\C++, Debugger, IDE RSP-33839
Edge Browser is required for FMX on Windows Compiler, Compiler\C++, Demos, FireMonkey RSP-29043
std::make_shared causes AV Compiler, Compiler\C++, RTL\C++ RSP-27633
Please consider adding support for YMM and ZMM registers in the built-in assembly Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-18074
Binary literal support Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-15539
Digit separator support Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-17863
Invalid compiler hints Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-20965
Interface is not released after an exception on Linux Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-33378
The compiler does not generate rex prefix in some instructions when the optimizations are enabled. Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-26051
Compiler generate bad code for x64 and correct for x32 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-32643
inline assembly does not support AVX instructions Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-16836
F2084 Internal Error: IRBB360 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-32405
wrong code generation win32 optimization ON Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-33836
[REGRESSION] class constructor/destructor are not called Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-30485
Can't compile a package with DosCommand dependency Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-28905
Access violation caused by boolean local variable declaration Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-32513
Code generation produces wrong offset Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-33807
Absolute Path to an Inc-File expanded wrongly during a compiler Error Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-32680
F2084 Internal Error: AV0EC782CF(0EC00000)-R00000010-0 Compiler, Compiler\Delphi RSP-34519
Add open array support to RTTI Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, RTL\Delphi RSP-16317
FinalizeArray breaks finalisation order of local variables containing managed types. Compiler, Compiler\Delphi, RTL\Delphi RSP-30487
Update SQLite libs and DLLs for Delphi Service Packs Data RSP-30752
TFDQuery (Master/Detail) with CachedUpdates Too Slow on Delphi 10.4.2 Data RSP-34302
Lookup fields generate error when new record is created ADO SQLSERVER vs MSACCESS Data, Data\ADO RSP-33088
Invalid ADO Parameters Type Mapping Data, Data\ADO RSP-29343
No Upload ID returned when trying to initiate mulipart upload to Amazon S3 Data, Data\Cloud RSP-33551
Make DataSnap REST URI Configurable Data, Data\DataSnap RSP-17884
dbgrid EInvalidGridOperation Grid index out of range Data, Data\DBCtrls RSP-33059
Grid index out of range in TDBGrid Data, Data\DBCtrls RSP-31920
Memory Leak in TFMTBcdData Variant Type. Data, Data\DBRtl RSP-34065
Bug in loading time values from JSON to DataSet Data, Data\DBRtl, Data\REST RSP-32438
Simple JSON deserialization of records incorrect (Delphi Sydney [10.4.1]) Data, Data\DBX RSP-32285
Extend TFDSortOption with SORT_DIGITSASNUMBERS Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-30056
Optimize QueryInfo method in TIBInfo class in FireDAC.Phys.IBWrapper unit Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-24510
Firedac Monitor : Help should be connected to the WEB Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-30744
FireBird library no longer resides in \bin Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-34136
TFDBatchmove Error: [FireDAC][Comp][DS]-206. �ffnen der Datenmenge [TFDTable($03521150)] Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-33430
FDBatchMove.Execute error when last line in double-quote CSV file does not contain linefeed Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-32465
Bug in Firedac FDconnection.ExecSQL.... if execute two SQL query with different number parameters and FDConnection is all time connected Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-32608
Erro in TFDBatchMove on Execute Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-33966
TFDDatSManager don't Merge Tables Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-34174
FireDAC: in MetaInfoQuery for Postgres invalid ForeignKeyFields records Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-33383
mysql with delphi and utf8 Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-32162
TFDQuery error after exception : [FireDAC][DApt]-402. Operation cannot performed without assigned SelectCommand Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-33575
FireDAC: query ShortInt parameter -1 cause range check error in Access ODBC driver Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-33528
Unit FireDAC.Stan.Consts does not contain the newer DBMS Releases as version Consts Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-27548
Firedac (via ODBC) to Excel file is not working fully as expected. Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-32591
FDSchemaAdapter raise errors after its DataSet do LoadFromFile Data, Data\FireDAC RSP-34409
Add A REST Component To Auto Upload an TFDMemTable Via JSON Data, Data\FireDAC, Data\REST RSP-17923
TIBextract not read procedure source in utf8 database Data, Data\IBX RSP-31472
IBConfigService can does not work to get Journal information in some EUA situations Data, Data\IBX RSP-29303
IBX TIBBackupService - Cannot attach to services Data, Data\IBX RSP-31418
TControlList fire an IMHO unwanted ItemOnClick event when current record change Data, Data\LiveBindings, VCL, VCL\Additional RSP-33656
ClientDataset Refresh has strange results when done on XML dataset with XMLTransformProvider Data, Data\Midas RSP-31767
DBX Error "At end of table" on Delete Record Data, Data\Midas RSP-33144
RESTClient freeze when used in a console application Data, Data\REST RSP-33605
restdebugger ignores mime type Data, Data\REST RSP-33192
TRESTRequest no longer correctly sets the Content-Type correctly. Data, Data\REST RSP-33288
A RESTRequest ContentType is limited to predefined values Data, Data\REST RSP-31997
Make StackSize configurable for ISAPI DLL threads Data, RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-32094
Somebody knows how to get the clients ip address from within a radserver resource method? Data\MEAP RSP-33323
64-bit debugger disassembles certain instructions incorrectly Debugger RSP-28139
Local variables window switched to C++ mode Debugger RSP-28910
C++64: Debugger fatal error: debug kernel not responding. The debug process willl be terminated. Debugger RSP-29696
[PAClient Error] Error: E0004 File does not exist: C:\qqq\Project2._@emb_.tmp Debugger RSP-17589
Unable to create process Debugger RSP-33497
debug kernel timeout Debugger RSP-32652
Enabled Codeguard fopen a file lock Debugger RSP-27343
Unable to see items added to TList while debugging Debugger, RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-33067
When double click control, IDE does not create correct code [corrupts code] Demos, IDE RSP-27617
Memory leak in sample HttpAsyncDownloadDemo.dpr Demos, RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-33795
Firemonkey 4K support for Windows FireMonkey RSP-26453
Add a configuration do allow Delphi to use d8.bat instead of dx.bat FireMonkey RSP-24155
Add User Designer Guidelines FireMonkey RSP-19477
Miss constraints size for firmonkey form FireMonkey RSP-13673
Size Constraints of Firemonkey window FireMonkey RSP-15785
Tcontrol.ApplyEffect must be virtual or Tcontrol.FUpdateEffects must be public FireMonkey RSP-15741
Integration Api 30 Android FireMonkey RSP-33978
Incorrect drawing of combobox-like controls on non-standard Windows DPI scaling FireMonkey RSP-21793
Please update Play Services to the latest version FireMonkey RSP-33959 must contain by default volatile (to avoid 2x memory usage on texture) FireMonkey RSP-33388
Closing form causes access violation when keyboard is open in grid (ios64) FireMonkey RSP-32631
FireMonkey Label truncated and then vanishes when rotated FireMonkey RSP-30128
IDE Crashes after building custom packages that contain styled controls FireMonkey RSP-27656
On android platform, trectangle color tone gets distorted when opacity changes if fiil color have alpha. FireMonkey RSP-31597
Showmessage in comboboxchange accessviolation FireMonkey RSP-29841
When you create and destroy any frame that has TwebBrowser it caused refresh problem. FireMonkey RSP-26713
TFlowLayout - child order completely random? FireMonkey RSP-30857
GDIpAlloc Memory Leak due to TCanvasGDIPlus.SetSize FireMonkey RSP-31718
Calls Canvas.SaveState/Canvas.RestoreState damage the canvas state when rendering in High Performance for the Form.Quality (FMX) mode FireMonkey RSP-29490
TCanvasTextureMaterial GLSL is not efficient FireMonkey RSP-22952
Trackbar does not work on Android with controltype set to platform FireMonkey RSP-29842
DragOver isn't correctly triggered when mouse enter in target FireMonkey RSP-33537
FMX DragDrop Events Not Triggering FireMonkey RSP-34062
Rectangle on native TPanel does not change Fill Color FireMonkey RSP-22959
TGridPanelLayout - Margins from controls are ignored FireMonkey RSP-14136
Access Violation editing TListBox items FireMonkey RSP-33179
Clearing TText.Text should update Effect FireMonkey RSP-26648
Mousemove with LeftButtonDown is false if control is under TLayout FireMonkey RSP-31942
FMX TControl.Touch property assignment issue FireMonkey RSP-26405
Order of execution for ShowModal causes undesired behaviour on Windows and macOS FireMonkey RSP-30287
Latest Dark Style has a missing an arrow in its TSpinBox FireMonkey RSP-33046
A huge memory leak in FMX TComboBox FireMonkey RSP-19686
TCanvasGdiPlus Memory Leak FireMonkey RSP-26158
Align fit for a layout placed in a TGridPanelLayout missbehaves FireMonkey RSP-28593
Bitmap is not updated in ListBoxItem FireMonkey RSP-30221
Firemonkey Mainform Starting Position not on Screen when using DefaultPosOnly FireMonkey RSP-33382
Using visual component TBackendEndpoint with Provider and Authenticator on a Datamodul leads to RTL270.bpl error FireMonkey RSP-33909
MacOS-Entitlements: Music-Read-Write is translated to Movie-Read-Write FireMonkey RSP-32436
Column and Grid width problem. FireMonkey RSP-20877
FireMonkey does not honor style window border settings FireMonkey RSP-22048
does not work even if /min option is added to start command FireMonkey RSP-24644
Program compiled with the "Enable High-DPI" compilation directive does not work properly FireMonkey RSP-17999
Styled Firemonkey Windows are too Big FireMonkey RSP-22030
Form Position=MainFormCenter, ScreenCenter or DesktopCenter are incorrect in Windows 10 and Scale > 100% FireMonkey RSP-27511
WebBrowser, Geolocation - geolocation permission request does not work FireMonkey RSP-24039
FMX Windows app which have two form and both has TWebBrowser crashes when it closed. FireMonkey RSP-14692
TListbox TStyleObject not freed FireMonkey RSP-33630
Access violation at shutdown if imagelist is in datamodule FireMonkey RSP-33084
PopupMenu behavior is incorrect FireMonkey RSP-33045
TListview missing published property Heigh FireMonkey RSP-33738
FMXLinux Log.d function fails for specific message strings FireMonkey RSP-32303
MainformCenter and ScreeenCenter does not work on HIGH-DPI-Monitors FireMonkey RSP-30718
Combobox: Adding ListItems programatically fails when DropDownKind=Native FireMonkey RSP-33857
FMX Edit button alignment is incorrect when scaled FireMonkey RSP-32307
Various FireMonkey Windows high-DPI bugs FireMonkey RSP-33254
DragDrop with Screen Scaling FireMonkey RSP-33450
WebBrowser.CaptureBitmap in macOS result is empty. FireMonkey RSP-19448
Access Violation is raised if assigned a value minor to crSizeAll(-22) to a Cursor field FireMonkey RSP-16873
When you open popup window, the FMX form loses activity for a second (blinks, window title bar becomes gray for a second). FireMonkey RSP-29491
OSX 32&64 constants like kCGImageSourceCreateThumbnailFromImageAlways FireMonkey RSP-26729
OSX 32&64 TPlatformCocoa.CreateChildMenuItems FireMonkey RSP-26855
Set FMX Form Transparency as true not work FireMonkey RSP-31382
isLocationEnabled is missing from JLocationManager FireMonkey RSP-21365
Menu icons appearing black when disabled in FMX (with screens set to different scales) FireMonkey RSP-31813
MacOS: Changing programatically text on TMemo doesn't trigger Spell Cheking FireMonkey RSP-27754
TGestureStreamData - Access violation FireMonkey RSP-27401
Abstract error accessing Printer.Capabilities FireMonkey RSP-34479
GestureManager in Windows layout raises exception FireMonkey RSP-29420
Access violations due to duplicates introduced by TFmxObject.SetAction / Application.RegisterActionClient FireMonkey RSP-34417
Firemonkey popup menu not displayed when right click on TSpeedButton FireMonkey RSP-34301
Wrong texture coordonnates on DAE model FireMonkey RSP-32340
BluetoothLE requestMTU Not implemented FireMonkey RSP-29937
Firemonkey: Screen.Displays[].Bounds returns no longer values in pixels for displays with Scale <> 1. FireMonkey RSP-33412
TForm.ScreenToClient is incorrect on hi-resolution displays FireMonkey RSP-33565
PopupMenu isn't entirely visible in High DPI -aware app FireMonkey RSP-27728
In TLabel may appear leading spaces in new lines. FireMonkey RSP-33914
In MacOsx (32/64 bit) error in Bitmap.LoadThumbnailFromFile FireMonkey RSP-26281
Wrong rendering of strings containing emoji in Android. FireMonkey RSP-32190
TBaseImageList.BeforeDestruction may raise AV FireMonkey RSP-31343
A form can not be resized by its top corners If custom style applied FireMonkey RSP-23057
Delphi 10.4 FMX MediaPlayerControl issue in High DPI, the video does not zoom in. FireMonkey RSP-29283
Form loses focus when modal childform uses Activecontrol FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components RSP-14747
Colour listed twice FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components RSP-10038
Opening a TPopup causes application child form to move to back, then to front again creating an undesirable visual effect FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Components RSP-14752
Add support for file upload in TWebBrowser FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Runtime RSP-29515
FMX TForm.ActiveControl Never Updates At Runtime FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Runtime RSP-10496
TGridPanelLayout rendering problem FireMonkey, FireMonkey\Styles RSP-17976
Add designer guides / rules to FMX designer, just like VCL designer FireMonkey, IDE RSP-14143
Setting a Touch->Gestures->Standard->property throws Exception at DesignTime FireMonkey, IDE RSP-26487
Incorrectly Creating Dylb on Mac FireMonkey, IDE, IDE\Deployment RSP-26860
Infinite loop in DoGetClassicAdapter in Android.Bluetooth FireMonkey, RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-20845
[iOS] UILabel is missing attributedText property FireMonkey, RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-33885
CocoaPointerConst must work in background thread FireMonkey, RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23241
MacOS: BluetoothLE not useable with Delphi 10.4.2 FireMonkey, RTL, RTL\Delphi\Bluetooth RSP-33267
Embarcadero Toaster - Notification Window "Embarcadero.Desktop.Toasts.CF4ADDBE" FireMonkey, VCL RSP-32375
Option to control Font size in the IDE IDE RSP-12576
Code Completion [complete on Tab key] IDE RSP-31660
Support for multidex on Android platform IDE RSP-27600
Change Exception Dialog Display Exception Message in Selectable Edit IDE RSP-30856
High DPI Fonts not working in ActionList editor! IDE RSP-32790
Welcome Page: Open Links in Default Browser, NOT in MSIE! IDE RSP-26993
What's new / Getting started opens in MSIE, not in my default browser IDE RSP-14605
Welcome Page: backward steps IDE RSP-18682
Delphi IDE is not dpi aware IDE RSP-9678
Upcoming Events open in Internet Explorer instead of Standard Browser IDE RSP-11897
[CodeInsight progress bar] hide code audit progress bar when work id finished in project manager IDE RSP-32748
Add editor font selector to first startup wizard and default to Consolas IDE RSP-30750
Docked window headers and IDE editor tabs are not aligned in height and font size IDE RSP-31933
HiDpi 120% scalling - IDE Main Window titlebar - text partially not visible in desktop speedsettings IDE RSP-23961
4k display, DPI scaling "System (Enhanced) = Object Inspector problem IDE RSP-30785
lost scroll bar after restore IDE IDE RSP-25704
Macro buttons are not properly resized and aligned if Windows scaling is applied IDE RSP-31935
IDE : Find in Files form IDE RSP-18383
Quick edit can not been displayed in full [High DPI] IDE RSP-19965
Find in Files dialog is jumbled IDE RSP-18874
During popup docked tool windows have wrong sized headers when expanded while Windows scaling is applied IDE RSP-31939
Screen position and size are not stored IDE RSP-32678
Toolbars in Project Manager and Structure lack auto sizing IDE RSP-31937
HiDPI IDE issue IDE RSP-17118
Checkboxes in IDE Object Inspector are too large w. system text size 125% IDE RSP-18192
Find panel button missing in high dpi resolution IDE RSP-17096
IDE interface issues IDE RSP-21665
IDE combobox corrupted IDE RSP-25650
Windows Theme not rendering all controls correctly IDE RSP-31216
Project Options window caption area has wrong height if Windows scaling is applied IDE RSP-31941
Search box in Options windows does not open Formatter section pages IDE RSP-24625
Error opening PAS unit Encoded by UCS-2 LE BOM IDE RSP-33852
global search edit field IDE RSP-23084
Tree control in GetIt has wrong vertical alignment for expand buttons and radio buttons if Windows scaling is applied IDE RSP-31946
Font size is not changed when Windows scaling is applied IDE RSP-31945
Numbers are not fully visible in GetIt if Windows scaling is applied IDE RSP-31947
Cannot Scroll using mouse scroll on StyleLookup Property Editor IDE RSP-30620
IDE missing a strip on the right after restore to full 4k screen from minimize IDE RSP-25564
Blue dots and breakpoints on dark theme look bad IDE RSP-33522
IDE window shrinks when opening project with only dpr and dproj files IDE RSP-30797
IDE titlebar measurements incorrect when maximised IDE RSP-22197
10.3 IDE is totally unusable with high dpi IDE RSP-22034
Code completion fails to list ancestor methods in generic classes IDE RSP-10520
Code insight show "end: erroneous type;" inside inherited form and few other code insight problems in example project IDE RSP-29357
RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo Release 2 - When I set "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings", RAD Studio got many errors and crashed. IDE RSP-20081
The find declaration work only on first attempt IDE RSP-32681
Cannot see breakpoint glyph and execution glyph at same time IDE RSP-30595
Find Declaration does not work with LSP and Record Helpers with Overload methods IDE RSP-33736
Cleaning a project doesn't remove the RSM generated from the compile IDE RSP-28183
Data Explorer/Multi-Device Preview tool windows don't repaint on IDE theme change IDE RSP-33653
Structure window behave strange with new edit window IDE RSP-30059
Some colors are duplicated in System.UITypes.TAlphaColorRec IDE RSP-29269
Stepping through code causes font to be drawn sharp for a short time IDE RSP-30712
New open/close progress dialog significantly slows down opening and closing IDE RSP-32545
Another example where code navigation (Ctrl+Click) doesn't work IDE RSP-32556
OI broken on High DPI IDE RSP-30636
Missing title buttons when different than recommended IDE RSP-28335
[L10N/FR] Button misplaced IDE RSP-34414
IDE Floating windows become unresponsive IDE RSP-31276
Delphi closed without message IDE RSP-26399
Help Insight search edit box and desktop layout combo are not properly aligned vertically IDE RSP-31934
IDE crash after setting VCL panel Align property IDE RSP-28504
Reopen Menu properties dialog does not increase size for items list IDE RSP-24429
Go to declaration jumps to wrong place IDE RSP-20090
RAD Studio IDE switches screens IDE RSP-34395
Scalling IDE GUI issues IDE RSP-23049
IDE AV when switching WIn32<>Win64 platform with speedbutton IDE RSP-32592
SDK Manager is missing buttons with HighDPI IDE RSP-33417
Background Build dialog is partially hidden IDE RSP-33750
Enum type TOTACompileMode is not complete IDE RSP-28392
Structure panel icon for interface no longer apropriate IDE RSP-32671
Single Project takes longer to load IN RIO and user feedback is worst IDE RSP-25788
Poor UI experience in Delphi compile dialog IDE RSP-25874
mouse wheel don't works in StyleLookup property list IDE RSP-32615
LSP Ctrl+Click navigation fails when only DCP's referenced IDE RSP-32666
Directory Edit Dialog loses selection when changing list order IDE RSP-32650
IDE Application Title Bar is cut off on Hi-Def screen IDE RSP-33154
Creating FireMonkey Metrolpolis App for windows lead to invalid pointer IDE RSP-28145
Catastrophic Error when using multiple edit and form designer windows IDE RSP-32501
IDE: Dialog "Load process" IDE RSP-32389
XML Data Binding cannot be added new data type IDE RSP-31225
Documentation.htm not found IDE RSP-33590
Duplicates listed in dropdown list of Debug Modules Add Modules dialog IDE RSP-32693
cleaning non-existent projects and units from "reopen" in options after saving options causes invalid pointer IDE RSP-32634
Exception or hang when opening certain files IDE RSP-33114
Search Box Showing White background when click IDE RSP-30641
Tools/Options dialog opens slowly IDE RSP-30323
Cannot navigate to methods in record helper IDE RSP-30644
editor font size error. IDE RSP-31026
Code completion does not offer identifiers that don't match expected type [class helpers?] IDE RSP-33316
[DelphiLSP] Using inline var type inference prohibits code completion from providing suggestions IDE RSP-30588
Dialog "Tools - Options - Language - Delphi - Library - Library Path" far too slow IDE RSP-31099
Options/Debugger options/visualization checkboxes overlap with frame IDE RSP-28660
Stack overflow with LSP IDE RSP-33091
read address 0 IDE RSP-30217
Missing hints in FMX style designer IDE RSP-14577
CLANG Libpath missing $(BDSLIB)\win32\release IDE RSP-31990
IDE is not high DPI aware - wrong manifest IDE RSP-17361
Better ergonomy: Reopen recently opent projects IDE RSP-33658
Code insight floating scroll bar on top and how invoke bug IDE RSP-32685
German text in combobox truncated IDE RSP-32612
IDE on Laptop with 4K 200% high dpi monitor - blurry fonts and small font size IDE RSP-23795
Bug Code Insight - Parameter Help [hint window should follow the cursor] IDE RSP-32760
Getting started to ... is tightly coupled to Internet Exporer IDE RSP-32588
LSP don't see a new added unit symbols IDE RSP-33501
Can't create C++ Builder component event handler IDE RSP-30277
Visual components created in C++ Clang are unusable IDE RSP-32471
"Palette" and "Palette d'outils" in user interface for Tools / Options dialog box IDE RSP-34562
Enable Overflow and Range checking in Debug configuration by default IDE RSP-16751
Code editor top bar fonts are too big IDE RSP-32313
Delphi IDE do not use the default browser while opening youtube videos. IDE RSP-33259
Strg+Left Mouseclick don't work in some cases (Ctrl+Left Mouse Click) IDE RSP-33065
Unable to view designer in New Edit Window IDE RSP-33435
Editor leaves dangling vertical scrollbar behind IDE RSP-34111
Android TRequestPermissionsResultEvent declaration generates C++Buiilder project open errors IDE RSP-30515
LSP doesnt show errors IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-33060
Error Insight doesn't work with big project IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-32758
Error insight not working caused by INCLUDE statements with relative paths IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-31321
Search path ending with + breaks LSP IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-30113
[Regression] [Code Completion] Changes are not taken into account IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-33549
Include file breaks LSP code completion IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-33305
A bug in Code Completion [pressing ; should accept the code completion entry] IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-33118
Error in IDE code complete (Class Completion) IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-31354
[Regression] [Code Completion] No completion for identifiers starting with "Is" and completion after "Is" IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-33398
Error Insight not updated after switching units IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-32645
[Regression] [Code Completion] Result for dereferenced pointers does not contain expected fields IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-33363
Code Insight window scroll bar on top of code editor IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-30129
LSP Code Insight not working for templates and reserved words IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-30990
New LSP does not recognize newly build classes. IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-31922
Delphi crash with CodeInsight LSP IDE, IDE\Code Insight RSP-33664
XMLDOC not showing up for generic class instance IDE, IDE\General RSP-10406
Error message (error creating form) needs improvement (should say which form) IDE, IDE\General, VCL RSP-14100
DPI issue in Delphi XE 10.2.3 IDE, IDE\VCL Designer, VCL RSP-20269
Welcome dialog don't display actual choice for the checkbox "swap the theme to match the windows theme" IDE, Install RSP-32520
"platforms" topic appears in GetIt catalog but is empty IDE, Install RSP-34089
Missing DUnitXRuntime.dcp in Embarcadero\Studio\21.0\lib\win64\release\ IDE, Install RSP-31695
Form flickering when group policy is updated IDE, VCL RSP-24026
TDatamodule.OldCreateOrder always resets to true on descendants IDE, VCL RSP-20016
$(BDS)\source\Visualizers\BytesVisualizer.pas Install RSP-33392
Installer starts Rad Studio when not desired Install RSP-14600
IDE installed in German language, altough no additional language was selected in setup Install RSP-17424
Installer does not respect my language preferences Install RSP-17381
Language of IDE predefined? Install RSP-31312
LockBox 3.7 problems in C++ Builder CE Install RSP-34153
...\bin\RSVARS.BAT might contain false path Install RSP-32624
Wrong default browsing path for all platform except Windows Install RSP-23929
FireUI LivePreview installed to unsuitable path Install RSP-31491
Cannot install patches Install RSP-33866
Installing Bonus Radiant Shapes does not update paths Install RSP-32128
Download and extract in parallel Install, Install\GetIt RSP-16615
WebBroker problem with sending/streaming files greater 2 GB (MaxInt) Internet RSP-23507
When receiving a beacon on Windows 10, RSSI will always be 0. IoT, RTL RSP-20214
Bluetooth LE not working properly Libraries and Frameworks, RTL, RTL\Delphi\Bluetooth RSP-20296
NotificationCenter in Windows EnableSound:=False not working - Fix suggested RTL RSP-16750
AcquireExceptionObject doesn't work for Clang-thrown exceptions RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-18031
The _utime set of functions should be in sys/utime.h and not in utime.h RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-27990
SEH exception handling fails under release RTL, RTL\C++ RSP-21051
The quick_exit function not found in the global namespace RTL, RTL\C++, RTL\C++\Other RSP-27915
Update to most recent Indy for Olympus RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-28212
TStream.CopyFrom could be more generic RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-12995
Base64url encoding RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-20316
Move ParseJSONValue() from TJSONObject to TJSONValue RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-21536
TMemoryStream does not support large (> 2 Gb) memory allocations RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-16137
Missing Windows API GetConsoleWindow RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-29042
Add an Implict in TValue addressing TDateTime RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-24602
Missing method to remove file from a zip-file in TZipFile RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-15234
TZipFile Open with existing FileStream does not update the end of file marker RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-16299
TZipHeader need a GetFileName method RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-20275
TStream.CopyFrom is slow for TMemoryStream if Count is big RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-18560
Webbroker Apps still raising exception with ANSI encoded URL (see RSP-28104) RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-33204
Optimize class procedure RegisterCompressionHandler(Compression: TZipCompression; CompressStream, DecompressStream: TStreamConstructor); in System.Zip RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-29002
Stream version of the TZipFile.IsValid() RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-27232
TZipFile , Zip64 support needed RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-14774
Optimize TMarshal.Copy's Dest parameter so as to reduce unnecessary DynArrayAddRef and DynArrayClear calls RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-29167
Add a "CustomContentType" to TRestRequest RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-19793
Optimize TMarshal.Copy's Src parameter so as to reduce unnecessary DynArrayAddRef and DynArrayClear calls RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-29166
An overloaded TJSONObject.AddPair for an Integer RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-27928
Add System.IOUtils.TFile.Size - with example implementation RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-14122
Missing Power GUID RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-32723
Add missing IUIViewSettingsInterop interface RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-29682
TNetHTTPClient / TCertificate too limited. RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-30552
Androidx support needed RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-33864
Add UTCNow function RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-22362
TStreamReader - can result in many 'moves' on the buffered data which looks inappropriate. RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-27394
Missing wrapper for Android Environment class RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-12690
TVirtualInterface access violation with array of const parameter RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-27339
Header parameter in OnProgress event always empty in TZipFile.Read method RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-21370
SysErrorMessage returns wrong string RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-17489
StrToDateTime fails if ShortDateFormat = LongDateFormat RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-17058
A better GUIDToString RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34169
System.NetEncoding wasting memory during encoding/decoding process RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-21298
TGuid operator overloads should be marked as inline RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-27706
A better StringToGUID RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34168
Method body of TObject.ClassInfo should be moved up RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-30757
TFormatSettings.Create should not recreate ShortTimeFormat and LongTimeFormat RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-20159
Exception Error seen using System.ZLib.TDecompressionStream with TJSONTextReader RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-16141
TStringStream load utf8 file bug RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-28228
TValue.AsVarRec does not handle ShortString properly RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34305
TZipFile Creates new files that are too big if previous zip file has been opened RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-16963
System._UStrLAsg should not call _UStrAddRef RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-33447
Wrong definition value for NSNotFound in Macapi.Foundation RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-21626
New DLLShutdown routine uses wrong finalization keyword RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-19587
TMemoryStream Realloc not support Int64 For greater than 2G RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-19321
Android/ -Incorrect constant value RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-29421
Unnecessary nil checks in TWinBluetoothAdapter.DoStartDiscovery RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34316
System.TypInfo.TIntfFlag enum is missing flags RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-24631
System.IOUtils.TPath.HasValidPathChars() ignores UseWildCards argument RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-18696
Parameters in TStrings.AddStrings should be changed to open array RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34286
[macOS 64] Wrong declaration in Macapi.QuartzCore RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-27269
TGUID redundantly defined RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-28299
System.IOUtils.TPath.GetDownloadsPath returns wrong folder name RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-10375
System.IOUtils.TFile.ReadAllLines - ERangeError for very large files RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23692
System.Zip doesn't work properly with files larger in size than 4 GB RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-15587
Inefficient code in TRttiType.GetMethods RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-33404
TStreamWriter.Flush throws away some IO errors RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-16548
Exception message should be more detailed RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-31884
Regression: TStreamAdapter.Seek support Size > 2Gb is broken on Windows - typo in defines {$IFDEF Sizeof( -> {$IF Sizeof( RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34049
TList<T>.IndexOf/LastIndex of implementation not optimal RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-31381
IWMIndexer2 is incorrectly defined RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34054
DateSeparator is default '/' instead of locale separator RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-12860
FormatBcd adds decimal separator to the end of the string, although the number has no decimal part. RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-21552
Datasnap communication very slow compared to using TWebRequest directly RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-24619
Incorrect Rows type declaration in WinAPI.OleDb.pas RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23768
EAccessViolation on Format() call inside of the SignalConverter() handler from System.Internal.ExcUtils.pas RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-26383
TValue.FromVarRec cannot cast to a WideString RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-23128
[REGRESSION] Extremely slow destruction of TVirtualInterface since 10.4 RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-32432
invalid definition of the IKsPropertySet interface (Winapi.DirectShow9) RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34043
SNotificationCenterCannotPerformOperation constant should actually refer to notifications RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-33205
missing declaration of UIApplicationOpenURLOptionsAnnotationKey / UIApplicationOpenURLOptionsSourceApplicationKey RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-18013
TValue.TryCast and implicit casting fails for TDate, TDateTime and TTime RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-32083
getSupportedPreviewFpsRange from Androidapi.JNI.Hardware.pas has wrong return type RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-15654
StrToDate does not work with Windows 10 (8) and non US locale RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-16577
TJsonCustomCreationConverter readjson circular reference RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34235
Thread-object gets destroyed twice on exception in create RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-20175
TMultiWaitEvent.WaitForAny & WaitForAll raises EAbstractError for Events >= 2, Timeout <> INFINITE. Timeout will also fail when GetTickCount overflows and wraps to 0. RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-29673
Delphi Linux Memory Leak ?? RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34319
DelayLoadResourceModule in System.pas has buffer overrun (passes buffer size, not the number of characters, to API) RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-27712
System._IntfWeakCopy should have its Source parameter const RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-20406
System.Zip.TZipFile can't be used in a dynamically loaded dll RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-33735
JSON does not handle large UINT64 values, throws an exception. RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-34474
SQL_OPT_TRACE_FILE_DEFAULT in System.Odbc wrong RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-31391
Casting AnsiString to PAnsiChar throws access violation on finalization of AnsiString RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-29567
UTF8ToString(const S: array of _AnsiChr): String; overload; Completely wrong RTL, RTL\Delphi RSP-10581
CLONE - 10.2 Tokyo BLE Framework fails to discover devices on Android RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Bluetooth RSP-20358
TBluetoothLEManager.DoDiscoveryEnd uses wrong variable RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Bluetooth RSP-31131
StrToDateTime doesn't recognise mmm / mmmm formats - undocumented RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Date/Time RSP-14161
StrToDate treat yyyy-MM-dd same as yyyy-dd-MM RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Date/Time RSP-16700
Implementation of TEnumerable<T>.ToArray is causing severe and unnecessary code bloat RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\List/Collections RSP-30870
System.Net.Socket FState should not be private RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-19016
System.SysUtils.ByteLength behaves poorly for non UTF-16 strings RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Strings RSP-9703
Pos (ansiString) is 3x more slower than Pos (UnicodeString) RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Strings RSP-33454
Make TThreadPoolStats.GetThreadPoolStats public RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Threads RSP-31273
TEvent doesn't work as expected on iOS and macOS targets RTL, RTL\Delphi, RTL\Delphi\Threads RSP-16033
[LiveBindings] TBindExpression is not evaluated on TPrototypeBindSource.ApplyUpdates RTL, RTL\Delphi, VCL RSP-34260
Paramers of TFNOleUIHook and OleDialogHook are declared wrong. RTL, RTL\Delphi, VCL RSP-30491
Application is leaking refcounts on interfaced object after using BLE framework RTL, RTL\Delphi\Bluetooth RSP-20716
Handling of BLE Manufacturer Specific Data in Android is flawed RTL, RTL\Delphi\Bluetooth RSP-17763
TBluetoothLEManager (?) memory leak. RTL, RTL\Delphi\Bluetooth RSP-31984
Debug message erroneously left in standard library charconv header file RTL\C++ RSP-34317
System.Net.Socket.TSocket.EndReceiveString exception RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-32473
THTTPClient does not send data to server when using the method Patch RTL\Delphi\Net RSP-33177
Soap Android - Server certificate invalid or not present RTL\Delphi\Net, SOAP RSP-33609
In HTTPSoapDispatcher.DispatchRequest an exception is nearly hidden SOAP RSP-15891
TNumberBox Format VCL RSP-33545
VCL TScrollBox does not automatically support mouse wheel VCL RSP-13425
Add skip disabled overload to TPageControl.FindNextPage VCL RSP-27438
Make setter and Step() methods of TProgressControl virtual VCL RSP-27369
Make TCustomRadioGroup.ArrangeButtons virtual protected VCL RSP-11765
Add support for getting/setting TRichEdit scroll position using EM_SETSCROLLPOS / EM_GETSCROLLPOS VCL RSP-13453
TDateTimePicker cant change date and time together on UI VCL RSP-18215
Support transparent rich edit controls VCL RSP-13455
radiogroup without frame VCL RSP-29318
Add general-purpose support to EM_FORMATRANGE to TRichEdit VCL RSP-13454
Make the TDBRichEdit.Lines property accessible VCL RSP-13439
Add TCustomCheckListBox as intermediate class without published properties VCL RSP-31453
Please move TScrollingWinControl.ScaleScrollBars from private to protected VCL RSP-28174
TVirtualImageList.Images property setter. VCL RSP-31544
can add TLabelDBEdit component? VCL RSP-27868
Provide Ontracking event for TTrackbar VCL RSP-25957
Some improvements that I propose to you [VCL] VCL RSP-29355
Update TRichEdit to support MSFTEDIT.DLL VCL RSP-13383
Add properties to TTextAttributes used by TRichEdit to set/unset ONLY SOME font styles - not all styles VCL RSP-13451
Add support for changing margins to TRichEdit / TEdit / TMemo VCL RSP-13452
TRichEdit: Add a TParaAttributes.ConsistentAttributes that mirrors behavior of TTextAttributes.ConsistentAttributes VCL RSP-13443
Add DropDownWidth property to the TComboBox VCL RSP-26519
XE8: VCL: TToolbar: Chevron button is missing VCL RSP-11394
TPngImage should handle Assign to and from TWICImage VCL RSP-29020
Make private variables in TCustomStyle protected VCL RSP-27581
vcl treeview add checkbox VCL RSP-15270
TPageControl.RemovePage should not switch pages if the removed page was not active VCL RSP-32327
CheckListBox doesn't invalidate text when ItemEnabled changed VCL RSP-18340
Themed popup menu do not respect image size VCL RSP-10412
TEdgeBrowser.Navigate and NavigateToString always return False for a success navigation VCL RSP-33189
TCalendarPicker is not fully DPI aware VCL RSP-30025
VCL Styles: TPanel flicker when ParentBackground = False VCL RSP-31158
TDateTimePicker OnChange fired twice VCL RSP-21606
Parented controls with free notifications aren't scaled VCL RSP-19012
TButtonedEdit wrong color for button backgrounds with custom style VCL RSP-31442
InputQuery still badly broken VCL RSP-31022
Standard Actions Miss ImageName Property VCL RSP-31195
Obviously wrong code in VCL RSP-32467
TBalloonHint not scaling correctly VCL RSP-31570
TToolButton width is not scaled if the button is invisible VCL RSP-20496
Changing from WindowState = wsMaximized to wsNormal: form is size 320x240 VCL RSP-27847
Close second form with cafree close all application in vcl styles VCL RSP-33140
Redundant checks for nil before freeing object instance VCL RSP-30587
TSearchBox must implement CM_WANTSPECIALKEY VCL RSP-30203
Redundant code in some VCL classes constructors/destructors VCL RSP-32281
E2033 on TrackMouseEvent() VCL RSP-16181
TCustomListView reintroduces property MultiSelect VCL RSP-16886
TRadioGroup.TabStop doesn't control whether radio buttons receive focus VCL RSP-14201
TTreeView overrides its TCanvas Font.OnChange which breaks OnCustomDraw VCL RSP-25914
Access violation in TTabSheet.SetTabVisible when PageControl.MultiLie=True VCL RSP-33557
TDBGrid Title Font is Scaled Twice VCL RSP-31967
TBitBtn DoubleClick - Y coordinate is always zero VCL RSP-32493
The custom titlebar raises an stack overflow VCL RSP-32424
CM_STYLEDCHANGE is broadcast twice VCL RSP-33221
TEdgeBrowser fails if placed on non-active tab of a page control VCL RSP-31163
Vcl.Graphics DefFontData is outdated VCL RSP-33856
TRichEdit.SelText unable to assign RTF content. This worked before uni-code update. VCL RSP-29654
Bluetooth component causes an exception if you repeated enable and disable it. VCL RSP-28211
Vcl.Themes - function StyleServices is inline (does that makes sense?) VCL RSP-30705
TEdgeBrowser only work on Application MainForm VCL RSP-29593
CustomTitleBar duplicated VCL RSP-31509
Make TOleControl.CreateInstance() virtual and allow read acces to FOleInPlaceActiveObject VCL RSP-32450
FCurrentPPI value of runtime create TForm instance always show 96 in screen configure to 150% text size VCL RSP-18697
Default size of a new form ad 4K monitors is too large VCL RSP-32665
Right Click extremely slow when no context menu is available VCL RSP-34339
Bug in Vcl.Menus with TMenuItem.Shortcut and Numpad numeric keys VCL, VCL\Other RSP-33296
TRichEdit missing attributes VCL, VCL\Win32 RSP-13482

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