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Go Up to View Menu

View > Project Statistics

The Project Statistics window shows, in real time, how much time you have spent in the following areas of RAD Studio:

  • Code Editor
  • Form Designer
  • Object Inspector
  • Compiler
  • Debugger
  • Other areas

These correspond to the amount of time spent Editing, Designing, Inspecting, Compiling, and Debugging.

The pie graph helps you to visualize the proportions of the time you spend in the different activity areas of your project. Notice that the Project Statistics window includes the debugger time as Other.

RAD Studio saves the project statistics when you close the project. RAD Studio saves the statistics in the <ProjectName>.STAT file, in the folder of your project. You may wish to include this file in your backups and/or source control.


The pie graph shows the activity areas in different colors:

Activity Color Description
Editing Blue Time spent in the Code Editor.
Designing Pink Time spent in the Form Designer.
Inspecting Green Time spent in the Object Inspector.
Compiling Red Time spent by RAD Studio compiling the project.
Other Gray Time spent in other areas of RAD Studio including the debugger.

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