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RAD Server provides pre-built Docker images for RAD Server on Linux, hosted on Docker Hub. RAD Studio hosted on Docker helps to:

  • Deploy a RAD Studio Linux console from the RAD Studio IDE and view PAServer’s output.
  • Deploy and install a custom RAD Server resource module from the RAD Studio IDE via PAServer.
  • Cluster multiple RAD Server Docker container instances side by side.
  • Build a child docker container based on one of the existing RAD Server Docker images as a parent that contains customs RAD Server resource modules.

Docker Hub RAD Studio Containers

The available docker containers for RAD Studio are based on Ubuntu 18.04:

  • Radstudio/paserver – Contains PAServer on port 64211 and broadwayd on port 8082.
  • Radstudio/pa-radserver – Has PAServer on port 64211, Apache on port 80, and broadwayd on port 8082.
  • Radstudio/pa-radserver-ib – Consists of Apache on port 80, broadwayd on port 8082, and RAD Server database (Interbase) on port 3050.


paserver Docker image

As this image contains PAServer and BoradwayD you can deploy console and GUI based applications using the PAServer and view the GUI applications through a web browser via the BroadwayD server.

pa-radserver Docker image

This Docker container allows you to test, debug, and deploy Linux applications and custom RAD Server endpoints as well as deploying RAD Server in a production environment.

Note: The RAD Server production installer can be used to install a RAD Server database (InterBase) that can be connected from the pa-radserver Docker container image instances.

pa-radserver-ib Docker

This image contains all of the pa-radserver image functionalities with the addition of the RAD Server database (InterBase). The pa-radserver-ib Dockerfile can be configured to accept a RAD Server license SLIP file which allows you to create a fully licensed Docker container. Otherwise the pa-radserver-ib container should be run in foreground mode the first time so that you can add a RAD Server license.

RAD Server Docker Deploy Projects

To deploy a custom RAD Server endpoint via a resource module into a running RAD Server Docker container image, RAD Studio projects are available on:


The PAServer (paserver) Dockerfile, the RAD Server + PAServer (paserver) Dockerfile, and the RADServer + PAServer + InterBase ( pa-radserver-ib ) Dockerfile, are contained on the respective below links and include the instructions used at build time by Docker to create the Docker image.

The Dockerfile relies on a specific version of PAServer that is downloaded from Embarcadero at build time. It can be updated to support future releases by updating the URLs of the RAD Server production installer or the PAServer archive. The default password for paserver is set to embtdocker.

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