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The AutoRecover feature allows the IDE to save all open files after a period of time. You may recover the saved files after an unexpected close of the IDE.

Item Description

Periodically save backup files for AutoRecover

Enables or disables the AutoRecover feature.

Save interval (minutes)

Period of time, in minutes, in which the IDE saves all open files for recovery.

When AutoRecover is enabled, RAD Studio saves the recovery files in the hidden folder called _recovery, in the folder of your project. When the IDE closes unexpectedly, RAD Studio uses these saved files to recover the information when the IDE opens again.

After an unexpected close, follow these steps to recover your files:

  1. Open the IDE.
  2. The File Recovery window shows up displaying the files you can recover.
  3. Double-click the files you want to recover.
  4. Click Close to close the File Recovery window.
  5. Proceed with saving your files as required.

If you close the File Recovery window without recovering your files, the IDE asks you if you want to discard the remaining recovered files. Click No if you want to recover such files later.

Warning: If you click Yes, the IDE will discard the recovery files, after this you will not be able to recover the files.


The Autosave feature allows the IDE to automatically save files and project desktop settings.

Item Description

Save files when compiling or running

Allows the IDE to automatically save all modified files when you run, compile, or build the project, or exit the product.

Save project desktop when closing

Autosaves or updates the project desktop file (.dsk file extension) when you close the project or exit the product.

The <myproject>.dsk file records your current settings for:

  • Desktop layout
  • Breakpoints
  • Watch items
  • Files currently open in the IDE

When Autosave Project desktop is disabled, any existing project .dsk files are read when opening the project, but the .dsk files are never updated. This causes the same set of files to open with the project until the .dsk file is manually deleted from disk.

When you reopen the project later, the .dsk file is read, and your desktop layout, your breakpoints, and your watches are all restored. Also, all files that were opened when the project was closed are opened again, regardless of whether they are used by the project.

Reopen last opened project when starting RAD Studio

When you close RAD Studio with a project opened, that project is remembered and reopened next time you start RAD Studio.

If Save project desktop when closing is checked, then the project will reopen with the same set of files, breakpoints, and watches it had when RAD Studio was closed.

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