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Tools > Options > IDE > Project Upgrading

Sets options that control the actions taken by RAD Studio when you open any legacy project, such as a project that does not have a project file (.dproj or .cbproj). You have three choices (convert and rename, convert and backup, or convert with no backup).

Item Description

Convert and rename new project

Converts your project to a new project and renames it by adding a release-specific suffix. For example, for the XE2 release, this option renames a project as follows: project-nameXE2.

This is the Default.

Convert and create a backup of the old project

Converts your project and retains a backup copy of the original project.

Suffix for backup project name

Enter a suffix that you want to be appended to the project name (before the file extension). For example, if your project is named MyProject and you specify a suffix of 2011, the backup project name is MyProject2011.dproj or MyProject2011.cbproj..

Convert in place (no backup)

Converts the project and overwrites the existing files when you save your project. No backup of the project is kept.

Apply settings without prompting

When this box is checked, the IDE does not prompt you before converting your project. Default = Unchecked.

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