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The distribution of some files associated with RAD Studio applications is subject to limitations, and some files cannot be redistributed at all. The following documents describe the legal stipulations regarding the distribution of these files:


The DEPLOY document covers some of the legal aspects of distributing of various components and utilities, and other product areas that can be part of or associated with a Delphi application. The DEPLOY document is installed in the main installation directory. The topics covered include:

  • .exe, .dll, and .bpl files
  • Components and design-time packages
  • Borland Database Engine (BDE)
  • ActiveX controls
  • Sample images


The README document contains last minute information about RAD Studio, possibly including information that could affect the redistribution rights for components, or utilities, or other product areas. The README document is installed in the main installation directory of your product.

No-nonsense license agreement

The no-nonsense license agreement, a printed document, covers other legal rights and obligations concerning the product.

Third-party product documentation

Redistribution rights for third-party components, utilities, helper applications, database engines, and other products are governed by the vendor supplying the product. Consult the documentation for the product or the vendor for information regarding the redistribution of the product with RAD Studio applications prior to distribution.

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