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Some Delphi applications are designed to be run over the World Wide Web, such as those in the form of Server-side Extension DLLs (ISAPI and Apache), CGI applications, and ActiveForms.

The steps for deploying Web applications are the same as those for Deploying General Applications, except the application's files are deployed on the Web server.

Here are some special considerations for deploying Web applications:

  • For dbExpress applications, the dbExpress DLLs must be included in the path. If included, the dbExpress driver is installed with the application files on the Web server.
  • For BDE database applications, the Borland Database Engine (or alternate database engine) is installed with the application files on the Web server.
  • Security for the directories should be set so that the application can access all needed database files.
  • The directory containing an application must have read and execute attributes.
  • The application should not use hard-coded paths for accessing database or other files.
  • The location of an ActiveX control is indicated by the CODEBASE parameter of the <OBJECT> HTML tag.

For information on deploying database Web applications, see Deploying Database Applications.

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