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USc 2010/07/28:

the domain does exist and does not belong to Embarcadero (it belongs to a german company selling bicycles; rad is wheel in german) and so

"For example:"

should rather be changed into

"For example:"

(the Subversion integration is based on DelphiSVN and since the Subversion integration is supposed to become an Open Source project it may end up in the DelphiSVN repo as the trunk, because I do see no need to continue the development on the old DelphiSVN UI)


Thanks for the comment. I was trying to make up a fake repo address loosely based on a repo we used here in the Pubs department. So the link is not live -- it's inside <nowiki> tags specifically to keep it from being clickable. But I am using your suggested address!

Kris Houser 7/27/10