Checkout (SVN)

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Go Up to File Menu

File > Open from Version Control | Subversion

Checks out a local copy of a repository that is under the control of Subversion (SVN).

Item Description

URL of Repository

Enter or select the address of the repository from which you are checking out a local copy.

For example: svn://

Click the ellipsis button to browse for the repository address.


Enter the location on your system where you want to copy the repository. Click the ellipsis button to browse for a location or to create a new folder.


Specifies whether the checkout includes all subdirectories or only the root directory.

Include Externals

If the project that you are checking out contains external references (references to other repositories), specifies whether the checkout is to pull the files from the external repository as well.

Current Revision / Revision

Specifies either:

  • That the checkout uses the current revision of the repository (when Current Revision is checked)
  • That the checkout uses the specified revision (when you enter a revision ID)

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