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The Code Editor occupies the center pane of the IDE window. The Code Editor is a full-featured, customizable, UTF-8 editor that provides syntax highlighting, source code browsing, multiple-undo capability, and context-sensitive Help for language elements.

As you design the user interface for your application, RAD Studio generates portions of the underlying code. Whenever you modify the properties of an object, your changes are automatically reflected in the source files.

Because all of your programs share common features, RAD Studio auto-generates code to get you started. You can think of the auto-generated code as an outline that you can use to create your program.

See Code Editor for additional details on its operation.

The following topics describe the Code Editor's features to help you write code.


(Method Hopping, Bookmarks, Finding Classes, Finding Units)
(Code Completion, Help Insight, Class Completion, Block Completion, Code Parameter Hints, Code Hints, Error Insight, Code Browsing)