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Go Up to Parts of the Type Library Editor

The Type Library Editor's toolbar, located at the top of the Type Library Editor, contains buttons that you click to add new objects to your type library.

The first group of buttons let you add elements to the type library. When you click a toolbar button, the icon for that element appears in the object list pane. You can then customize its attributes in the right pane. Depending on the type of icon you select, different pages of information appear to the right.

The following table lists the elements you can add to your type library:

Icons Representing Type Library Elements

Icon Meaning

Iface icon.jpg

An interface description


A dispinterface description


A CoClass


An enumeration


An alias


A record


A union


A module

When you select one of the elements listed above in the object list pane, the second group of buttons displays members that are valid for that element. For example, when you select Interface, the Method and Property icons in the second box become enabled because you can add methods and properties to your interface definition. When you select Enum, the second group of buttons changes to display the Const member, which is the only valid member for Enum type information.

The following table lists the members that can be added to elements in the object list pane:

Icons Representing Members of a Type Library




A method of the interface, dispinterface, or an entry point in a module


A property on an interface or dispinterface


A write-only property available from the drop-down list on the property button)


A read-write property (available from the drop-down list on the property button)


A read-only property (available from the drop-down list on the property button)


A field in a record or union


A constant in an enum or a module

The third group of buttons allow you to refresh, register, or save, a type library as a TLB file, as described in Saving and Registering Type Library Information.

Icons Representing Actions You Can Perform

Icon Meaning

Refresh Button

Refresh implementation.

Register Button

Register Type Library.

Save as TLB Button

Save as TLB File.

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