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Go Up to View Menu

View > Translation Manager > Translation Repository

Use the Translation Repository dialog box to manage the database of known standard translations for string resources. In the Translation Repository dialog box, you can find, edit, and delete resource strings and their translations, and you can manage the set of supported languages. While in the Translation Editor, you can use the Translation Repository database to store and retrieve translated strings. By default, the Translation Repository stores data in the XML-format default.tmx database file located in the RAD Studio/bin directory.

Use the toolbar icons to create, open, and save a Translation Repository .tmx database file. After opening a .tmx file, you can use the right-click context menu commands to perform actions on individual resource strings.

The Translation Repository's .tmx database files can be shared across projects by several developers.

Tip: To configure how the Translation Editor uses translations of resource strings stored in the Translation Repository database, choose Tools > Options > Translation Tools Options > Repository .

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