Tutorial: Using an EMS Client to Access a Custom EMS Resource

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This tutorial shows how to develop an EMS client application that accesses a custom EMS Resource (the Pets resource) with RAD Studio.

The EMS Client application allows you to interact with an existing RAD Server Engine (EMS Server) that has an EMS Custom resource loaded. To access the EMS Server Resources and information from the EMS database, you can use either the built-in API or your custom API resource.

In this tutorial, you learn how to call all the EMS Resource Endpoint methods of a custom EMS Resource that are exposed in an EMS Server without writing code.

Note: You must have the EMS Environment set up and the InterBase database installed and operational.

The following topics help you to create and use the EMS Pets Client application and to access the EMS Pets Resource. The tutorial shows all the steps needed to build and run the application for Delphi.


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