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ADO dataset components encapsulate the ADO Recordset object. They inherit the common dataset capabilities described in Understanding Datasets - Overview, using ADO to provide the implementation. In order to use an ADO dataset, you must familiarize yourself with these common features.

In addition to the common dataset features, all ADO datasets add properties, events, and methods for the following:

There are four ADO datasets:

  • TADOTable, a table-type dataset that represents all of the rows and columns of a single database table.
  • TADOQuery, a query-type dataset that encapsulates an SQL statement and enables applications to access the resulting records, if any.
  • TADOStoredProc, a stored procedure-type dataset that executes a stored procedure defined on a database server.
  • TADODataSet, a general-purpose dataset that includes the capabilities of the other three types. See Using TADODataSet for a description of features unique to TADODataSet.

Note: When using ADO to access database information, you do not need to use a dataset such as TADOQuery to represent SQL commands that do not return a cursor. Instead, you can use TADOCommand, a simple component that is not a dataset. For details on TADOCommand, see Using TADODataSet.

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