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The starting point for working with an XML document is the Xml.XMLDoc.TXMLDocument component.

The following steps describe how to use TXMLDocument to work directly with an XML document:

  1. Add a TXMLDocument component to your form or data module. TXMLDocument appears on the Internet category of the Tool Palette.
  2. Set the DOMVendor property to specify the DOM implementation you want the component to use for parsing and editing an XML document. The Object Inspector lists all the currently registered DOM vendors. For information on DOM implementations, see Using the Document Object Model.
  3. Depending on your implementation, you can set the ParseOptions property to configure how the underlying DOM implementation parses the XML document.
  4. If you are working with an existing XML document, specify the document:
    • If the XML document is stored in a file, set the FileName property to the name of that file.
    • You can specify the XML document as a string instead by using the XML property.
  5. Set the Active property to True.

Once you have an active TXMLDocument object, you can traverse the hierarchy of its nodes, reading or setting their values. The root node of this hierarchy is available as the DocumentElement property.

For information on working with the nodes of the XML document, see Working with XML Nodes.

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