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In the Diagram View, you can use the diagram view filters to provide global control over the diagram view. You can define: what elements (classes, interfaces, constraints, and so on) to show on diagrams, which members to show in container elements, which types of links to show, which labels and properties to show of different types of links, and so on. The diagram view filters are configured in the Diagram View Management page of the Options dialog box.

To enable or disable view filters

  1. Click Tools > Options to open the Options dialog box.
  2. In the options tree in the left pane, choose the Modeling > (level) > Diagram > View Management node. The page containing all filter options opens.
  3. You can set the desired filters to True (enable) or False (disable).
  4. Click OK.
For example, you can set the Show members option to False. This results in hiding members and inner classifiers (classes, delegates, enumerations, interfaces, and structures) in containers. Therefore, since inner classifiers are treated as members of the container element, the following Node Filters options do not filter inner classifiers: Show classes, Show delegates, Show enumerations, Show interfaces, Show structures.
Note: Code-specific elements are available in implementation projects only.

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