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This topic describes how to install RAD Studio using the Installer.


The following sections assume that you have read the installation notes and that you chose to use the Installer to install RAD Studio.

Registering Your Copy of RAD Studio

If you have a serial number for your copy of RAD Studio, you must enter that serial number when prompted for it during the installation. In addition to your serial number, you must provide your EDN credentials.

If you have a registration file (reg*.txt or *.slip), you must copy your registration file into C:\ProgramData\Embarcadero before you start the installation.

Installing RAD Studio

To install RAD Studio using the Installer:

  1. Get the Installer from Embarcadero.
    Tip: You can request a free trial of RAD Studio.
  2. Run the downloaded Installer, which installs a minimal version of RAD Studio and opens the Feature Installer.
    Note: During the installation, the Registration dialog box may show up, as described above.
  3. On the Feature Installer you must select the RAD Studio features that you want in your initial RAD Studio installation.
    Note: If you choose to install Android support, you may need to install the required Android development tools provided on the Additional Selection Page. See the Installation Notes for more information.

If you accidentally close the Feature Installer, RAD Studio starts with no project support. To open the Feature Installer again, select Tools > Manage Platforms or restart RAD Studio.

You can install additional features after the RAD Studio installation.

Tip: If you use the Offline Installer, RAD Studio will not be able to access the GetIt Package Manager until you manually switch to "online mode". To do this, we recommend using the GetItCmd.exe tool: GetItCmd.exe -c=useonline
Note: You have to set up the BDS environment variable before using GetItCmd.exe. To do this, you can run the following command:

set BDS=C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\21.0

Or execute:

%BDS%\bin\rsvars.bat command file.

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