Register/Unregister ActiveX Server

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Go Up to Run Menu

Run > ActiveX Server > Register

Run > ActiveX Server > Register for Current User

Run > ActiveX Server > Unregister

These commands perform the following tasks:

  • Registering the ActiveX server into the Windows registry:
    • Register registers an ActiveX server (by registering to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, for all users)
    • Register for Current User registers an ActiveX server (by registering to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, for per-user basis).
  • Unregistering an ActiveX server from the registry.
    The Unregister command does both of the following:
    • Unregisters from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (for objects registered to all users)
    • Unregisters from HKEY_CURRENT_USER (for objects registered on a per-user basis)
Warning: A registry entry is made for the ActiveX server each time you enter a Register or Register for Current User command. The registry entry will remain as an "orphan" if you subsequently abandon the application and fail to do either one of the following:
  • Save the server that you registered (without the server, it is difficult to delete the registry entry later).
  • Issue an Unregister command for the server.

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