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The exercises that follow walk you through the Rapid SQL’s major functional areas. After completing these exercises, you will have the foundation you need to explore the many features and benefits of Rapid SQL. You’ll have learned how to competently manage the major database administration and development tools provided.

This guide is divided into a set of sessions:

You can use this basic tutorial as a roadmap of product highlights, but also to help you find your path to explore Rapid SQL.

Once you’ve started, you can select Help Topics from the Help menu to find many additional resources that complement and build on many of the activities shown in this tutorial.

Note: The tutorial exercises make use of the sample SQL Server database, AdventureWorks. Since this is not part of a typical install, you can obtain the files from installation CDs or online sources to install and attach that database. Alternatively, you can perform the tasks targeted for the AdventureWorks database against another available database. No destructive actions are initiated in the exercises.