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The main navigation menu provides items to give you access to the main features of Team Server.

The availability of the items in the navigation menu changes depending on your license type:

Basic and Performance IQ Navigation Menu

This are the available features on the navigation menu when you do not have any license registered yet and when you have a Performance IQ license registered:


The navigation menu when you have no registered license allows you to have access to the following items:

Item Description


See recent activity of ER objects and people that your are following.


Search for users.

Data Sources

Search and manage Data Sources. Including Login Credentials.

ER/Studio Navigation Menu

When you have an Team Server license registered, you will access to the basic features explained previously and also to the following items:

Item Description


Search for glossaries.


Search for terms.

ER Objects

Search for ER objects of the Reporting Repository.

ER Tools

Lets you navigate to the business and technical reports and create custom reports. From here you can also access your favorite and shared searches and reports.

Data Sources

Search and manage Data Sources, including the capability of relating models.

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