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The Data Sources page is a search page that lets you search for data sources or create new data sources or groups of them.

To use the Data Source Advanced Search feature, click the link to the right of the search box.

On the upper-right corner, you can access the following command:

Item Description

New Data Source

Opens the New Data Source dialog box to create a new data source.

New Group

Opens the New Group dialog box to create a new group.

Advanced Search Feature

The data source advanced search feature allows you to add one or more search filters to narrow your search criteria.

  • Use the dropdown list to select the fields that you want to search. For example, Name or Location.
  • Use the next dropdown list to either match, not match, or find similar items.
  • Use the text box to enter your search criteria. The search is not case-sensitive.

Using the add filter AddAnotherMatch.gif icon allows you to use multiple search filters at one time.

You can save search filters with the Save Filter As button or load previously saved filters with the Load Filter button.

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