Enabling Emailing Search Results and Reports

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If you have an email server, you can configure ER/Studio Team Server to allow sending advanced searches and shared reports by email.

Enabling email sending from ER/Studio Team Server is a two-steps process. First you must configure the connection to your email server:

  1. Open the ER/Studio Team Server Configuration Manager.
  2. On the Email Server tab:
    1. Check Enable Sending of Email.
    2. In Host/Port enter the address of your email server.
    3. In From Address enter the email address that should appear as the sender in emails sent from ER/Studio Team Server.
    4. If your SMTP server requires user credentials:
      1. Check Use Authenticated SMTP.
      2. In User Name enter a username to log into the email server.
      3. In Password enter the password of your the user account.
    5. Click Apply to save your email server connection settings.
  3. Click OK to exit the ER/Studio Team Server Configuration Manager.

After the connection to the email server is properly configured:

  1. Start ER/Studio Team Server and log in as a super user.
  2. Select My Settings > Admin.
  3. On the page that opens, click Interaction Settings on the sidebar.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Check the email options:
    1. "Enable Sending of Standard Reports by Email".
    2. "Enable Sending of Search Results by Email".
  6. Click Apply Changes to save your changes.

ER/Studio Team Server users can now send searches by email and send reports by email.

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