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Go Up to User Menu


My Settings > Admin (super users)

This section gives you access to pages where you can perform administrative tasks:

Item Description

Repository Management

Lets you manage the Reporting Repository.


Use this page to manage your ER/Studio Team Server licenses and check the activity of the logged-in users.

Solution Permissions

Lets you manage permission on Action Sequences for user and roles.

ER/Studio Synchronization

Use this page to synchronize the ER/Studio Repository database with the Reporting Repository database. See Overview of Data Synchronization.

(only non-social users)

Act as a moderator to review, approve, and delete the comments other users have attached to ER objects.


Use this page to check the status of the scheduler, suspend the scheduler, resume from suspend, or see a list of the schedule jobs. See Overview of Scheduling.


A subscription binds an administrative function such as cleaning or synchronizing the repository to a schedule.

Use this page to create and manage subscriptions, subscription schedules, and scheduled jobs. See Overview of Scheduling.

Managed Attributes
(only social users)

Use this page to manage the attachment attributes of your ER objects.

Interaction Settings

Use this page to manage user interaction settings. You can allow/disallow users to moderate comments, provide the email address of the moderator, enable/disable sending emails for search results and reports.

Object Alerts

Use this page to access and edit any alert condition defined in ER/Studio Team Server.

Term Entity Types

Use this page to add, edit, or delete Term Entity Types.

Manage Search Results

Use this page to choose which fields are displayed in the search results for Data Sources.

Glossary Tool Tip

Use this page to manage the glossaries to be returned for each URL Pattern.


Use this page to manage permissions for users and groups.

Old versions.png Team Server 4.0.1: In this version the link name is Access Control List

Password Locker Audit

Use this page to audit every connection to Password Lockers.

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