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Go Up to Admin


My Settings > Admin > Repository Management (super users)

The Repository Management page lets you manage the Reporting Repository.

This page provides the following actions:

Item Description

Update Solution Repository

Reads all of the solution files and updates the Reporting Repository. You can execute this action to update ER/Studio Team Server after you add new content to your repository, to refresh the repository from the file system.

Restore Solution Repository

Reloads all repository files from the file system and restores all Access Control Lists (ACL) to the defaults stored in pentaho.xml , inside the solutions\system directory within the ER/Studio Team Server installation folder. You can execute this action to reset your repository to the its factory default state.

Update Search Index

Rebuilds the search index based on the data in the Reporting Repository.

ER/Studio Team Server rebuilds the search index automatically after a synchronization process. However, you should manually update the search index after you:

Clean Content Repository

Removes files from the content repository that are more than 180 days old. See Cleaning the Content Repository.

Schedule Cleaning of Content Repository

Schedules the Clean Content Repository action to run daily.


Opens the Publisher Administration page, which provides additional actions.

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