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My Settings > Admin > Licenses (super users)

This page displays information related to the registered ER/Studio Team Server licenses. The information is divided in two sections:

License Add-on Status

A license add-ons provides a certain number of connections of a certain connection type for a defined number of days, and is assigned an unique serial number. You register license add-ons to extend the number of user connections that your ER/Studio Team Server installation can have.

At the beginning of the page you can see the total number of available connections, followed by a table which shows a row for each registered and activated license add-on with the following columns:

Column Description

Serial No.

The serial number of the license add-on.

Days Left

The number of days until the license add-on expires. "UNLIMITED" means that your license add-on never expires.


The number of connections the license add-on allows. The number of connections might mean the number of simultaneous user sessions or the total number of user accounts, depending on the connection type.

Connection Type

The type of connections the license add-on provides. For more information, see Overview of User Connections.

Below the license add-ons table, there is a list of Actions:

Item Description


Updates the licensing module (by reloading the license file from disk) and refreshes the current page to show you the latest licensing information.

Register Add-on License

Opens the registration page and populates the registration code with a unique number, generated by the licensing module, that identifies the machine on which ER/Studio Team Server is installed. Here you can enter the serial number provided to you when you purchased the license.

Manage Exclusive Connections

Opens the Exclusive Connection Administration page where the super user can allocate exclusive licenses to ER/Studio Enterprise users, up to the maximum number shown in the License Add-on Status.

Manage Users

Opens the Manage Users page.

Current User Sessions

At the bottom of the page you can see the total number of connections of each type currently in use, followed by a table which shows a row for each active user session with the following columns:

Column Description


The user ID.

User Name

The name of the user.

Remote Host

The hostname of the machine from which the user is connected.

Remote IP

The IP address of the access point from which the user is connected.

Logged In Since

The date when the current user session started.

Inactive For (mm:ss)

The time since the last user interaction. See Overview of User Authentication.

Connection Type

The connection type that the user is consuming.


Allows the super user to log off (disconnect) users. You cannot disconnect yourself.

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