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To synchronize the ER/Studio Team Server Reporting Repository database with the ER/Studio Repository database:

  1. Select My Settings > Admin > ER/Studio Synchronization.
  2. In the ER/Studio Synchronization page table, check in the Selection column those resources that you want to synchronize.
    Tip: When you check or uncheck a node in the tree, the action affects all its subnodes.
  3. Click Synchronize Selected to start the synchronization process.
    Tip: You can click Execute Synchronization Process to synchronize all resources at once, instead of checking those resources that you want to synchronize.

ER/Studio Team Server displays a dialog box with the following message:

"Job is scheduled for background execution."

Click View All Scheduled Content in the dialog box to open the My Reports page, where you can optionally click Cancel to abort the scheduled synchronization process.

The initial synchronization takes much longer than subsequent synchronizations, and the synchronization process can be quite lengthy depending on the size of ER/Studio Repository. Once the initial synchronization is complete, you can then schedule a daily synchronization using the default schedule via the Schedule Synchronization Process action on the ER/Studio Synchronization page, or prepare a custom schedule from the Subscriptions page.

During the synchronization, ER/Studio Team Server takes all your synchronization settings into account to update, ignore or delete resources from the Reporting Repository.

After the synchronization, you can delete the .dm1 files in the following directories within the ER/Studio Team Server installation folder to free disk space:

  • PortalInf\
  • etlvar\data\backup\

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