Automated Error Detection and Coding Aid Features

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Code is analyzed as you add content to an ISQL editor session and offers the following automated features:

  • Syntax Checking: Automatically flag syntactical errors in your scripts.
  • Semantic Validation: Detect object name references to objects not present in the datasource index.
  • Code Complete: Insert or replace object names, selected from suggestion lists, as you edit a script.
  • Hyperlink Object Actions: Invoke common object operations such as Open and Extract, as well as object type-specific operations, from object names referenced in a script.
  • Paste SQL Syntax: Paste syntax for SQL statements, system functions calls, and other commonly used elements into an SQL Editor.
  • Paste SQL Statements: Generate and paste complete SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE or EXEC statements or function call syntax into an SQL Editor.
  • Using Auto Replace Expressions: Create short text representations of larger text strings that can be used to quickly add the larger string to a script.
  • Toggling Display of the Error Pane: View details on errors.
  • ISQL Performance: Provides information and statistics about SQL statements and tables in the SQL editor. ISQL Performance provides recommendations to improve the performance of the system.