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TXMLTransform = class(TComponent)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TXMLTransform : public System::Classes::TComponent


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Xml.XmlTransform Xml.XmlTransform


TXMLTransform converts an XML document into a data packet or an XML data packet into an XML document with another structure.

Use TXMLTransform to convert an XML document into a data packet or an XML data packet into an XML document that is not a data packet. You can use a TXMLTransform component by itself, or specify the transformation to be performed on a TXMLTransform component that is part of another component such as TXMLTransformClient or TXMLTransformProvider.

TXMLTransform uses a special XML document called a transformation, which indicates how to perform the conversion. This transformation is specified by the TransformationFile or TransformationDocument property. You can generate a transformation file using the xmlmapper.exe utility.

There are three ways to specify the source document or data packet that TXMLTransform converts:

  • Use the SourceXmlFile property if the source document is a file on disk.
  • Use the SourceXml property if the source document is an in-memory string of XML.
  • Use the SourceXmlDocument property if the source document is available through a DOM interface (IDOMDocument).

TXMLTransform performs its transformation when you read the Data property or call the TransformXML method. Once the source XML has been transformed, you can access the DOM interface for the resulting XML document or data packet using the ResultDocument property, or read the Data property to directly access the string of XML.

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