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property TransformationFile: string read FTransformationFile write FTransformationFile;


__property System::UnicodeString TransformationFile = {read=FTransformationFile, write=FTransformationFile};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Xml.XmlTransform TXMLTransform


Specifies the transformation file that indicates how to convert the source XML document.

TransformationFile is a file that contains instructions for converting the source XML document into the XML that is the value of Data and ResultDocument. If the source document is a general XML document, TransformationFile represents a transformation from that document's schema into a data packet. If the source document is an XML data packet, TransformationFile represents a transformation from that data packet into another type of XML document.

A transformation file is a special type of XML file with the .xtr extension. Each transformation file is specific to a particular XML schema and data packet format and represents a one-way transformation. Use the xmlmapper utility to create transformation files.

If the EmptyDestinationDocument property is set, TXMLTransform uses that to override the default structure for the destination document that is defined in the transformation file.

TransformationFile takes precedence over the TransformationDocument property. That is, TXMLTransform only uses TransformationDocument if TransformationFile is an empty string.

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