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property EmptyDestinationDocument: IDOMDocument read FEmptyDestinationDocument write FEmptyDestinationDocument;


__property Xml::Xmldom::_di_IDOMDocument EmptyDestinationDocument = {read=FEmptyDestinationDocument, write=FEmptyDestinationDocument};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Xml.XmlTransform TXMLTransform


Specifies the DOM interface for an XML document that defines the structure of the transformation result.

The transformation defined by TransformationFile or TransformationDocument contains a default structure for the results of transforming the source document in addition to the mappings between nodes in the source document and nodes in the destination. You can override this default structure, however, by setting EmptyDestinationDocument. This is the DOM interface for an XML document that has the desired structure, but with no values in the nodes that should be filled in using values in the source document. This is useful, for example, when you want to add additional information that does not come from the source document.

EmptyDestinationDocument is not changed when TXMLTransform performs its transformation. To obtain a DOM interface for the resulting document, use the ResultDocument property.

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