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property SourceXmlFile: string read FSourceXmlFile write FSourceXmlFile;


__property System::UnicodeString SourceXmlFile = {read=FSourceXmlFile, write=FSourceXmlFile};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Xml.XmlTransform TXMLTransform


Specifies an XML document or XML data packet file to be translated.

Specify the file to be translated as the value of SourceXmlFile. SourceXmlFile can be any type of XML document, including an XML data packet. It must, however, conform to the schema expected by the transformation specified by TransformationFile or TransformationDocument. If the transformation converts a specific type of XML document into a data packet, SourceXmlFile is a document with the expected schema. If the transformation converts a data packet into an XML document, SourceXmlFile is an XML data packet with the expected metadata.

If SourceXmlFile is an empty string, TXMLTransform uses the SourceXml or SourceXmlDocument property instead. SourceXmlFile takes precedence over both of these other properties. If SourceXml or SourceXmlDocument is set, TXMLTransform still uses SourceXmlFile (even if it does not specify a valid file name).

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