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TTexture = class(TInterfacedPersistent, ITextureAccess)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TTexture : public System::Classes::TInterfacedPersistent


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Types3D FMX.Types3D


Describe textures used by the FireMonkey 3D framework.

TTexture encapsulates textures stored or created in GPU memory. No real data is stored in the local memory. FireMonkey 3D framework uses TTexture to create special textures to render other objects.

The FireMonkey textures can have different pixel formats. The used pixel format is specified through the PixelFormat property. The number of bits of the texture depends on the PixelFormat and can be obtained using the BytesPerPixel property. The texture's minimize and magnify filters can be set using the MinFilter and MagFilter properties. By default. TTexture uses linear filters. The Style property specifies whether TTexture uses multiple texture maps, is dynamic, or is used to render the target.

TTexture is a limited class and does not offer support for manipulating images. To manipulate images that can be then used as TTextures, use TBitmap (to manipulate, customize) and the Texture property (to create a TTexture from the manipulated image).

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