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You can configure many of ER/Studio Business Architect’s properties to better suit your workflow and your work goals. The application offers a number of configuration options from different locations.

You can customize the application configuration to meet your specific needs. You do this using the Preferences Editor, where you set your preferences for the application’s global defaults. You can also use this dialog to add, edit, and delete selected default values.

Preferences Editor

You can use the Preferences Editor to make changes to defaults used application-wide. You can also edit default values.


The table below describes the components in the Preferences Editor:

Component Description

type filter text

This is a search text box which enables you to quickly locate the preference you want to change. The item you are searching for appears in the Categories tree.

Categories tree

Displays in tree form all preferences available for editing, adding, or deleting. Expand the nodes of this tree to display each node’s defaults in the Details grid.

Details pane

Lists all options and their default values for any node selected in the Categories tree.

Apply to Diagram

This button is available on applicable preferences (for example Formatting). It applies the changes immediately to the open diagram.   Note: The Apply to Diagram function does not apply to the Display Options command for existing elements in a diagram.

Restore Defaults

Restores the default values for all preferences on the opened preference page, and displays a warning message explaining the repercussions of the restoration.


Click Apply to institute the changes you made in the Preferences dialog.


Accept all the changes made and closes the dialog.


Cancels all changes made and closes the dialog.

Opening the Preferences Editor

  1. On the main menu, click Window > Preferences....
  2. To locate the preference you want to change, you can type the preference name in the Type Filter Text box and press Enter. The preference appears in the Categories tree.
    Expand the nodes in the Categories tree and select the preference you want to edit.
  3. In the Details pane, edit the settings you want to change.
    Note: When working Formatting Preferences, if you are changing preferences in multiple panes, you must click Apply before going to the next pane or all formatting changes to the object is lost.
  4. Click OK and ER/Studio Business Architect saves your changes and the Preferences dialog closes.

You can set preferences for behavior and appearance in the ER/Studio Business Architect application. The nodes available are: