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The Main Toolbar of HTML5 Builder is located on the top side of the interface:


The toolbar is visible from any view, and it consists of the following elements:

Action Bar

On the left side of the toolbar, a list of actions is displayed. Actions are represented by icons, and you can hover an icon for a description of the action it performs.

The action bar is context-aware, so the available actions will change as you navigate the different views and pages of HTML5 Builder.


View Switcher

Between the Action Bar and the IDE Insight Search Box, there is a switcher you can use to access the different HTML5 Builder views. It is also context-aware, so only the views available for the working file (if any) will be listed.

HTML5 Builder has the following views:

HomeStart.png Home — Manage your files and projects, configure HTML5 Builder, deploy your applications, and more.
Code.png Code — Write the source code for your applications.
Design.png Design — Compose the interface of your applications.
Data.png Data — Read the data returned by your queries.
Template.png Template — Use a template to design your interfaces.
Preview.png Preview — Preview the resulting rendering of your code while you write it.
Viewer.png Viewer — Watch the performance profile of your pages.
History.png History — Access previous versions of your files.
Debug.png Debug — Locate any logic error in your applications.

IDE Insight Search Box

The search box on the right side of the toolbar lets you access IDE Insight, a technology that gives you access to virtually anything you might want in HTML5 Builder. You can search for actions, files, components…