Developing with the ToGo Edition for Mac

From InterBase

Go Up to MacOS Platform

  1. Open the Application bundle (show Package Contents) where the Application is located.
  2. Navigate to Contents/MacOS and extract the InterBase ToGo zip file contents.
    • The file is the minimum file set required to deploy InterBase ToGo.
    • The file includes the full file set for InterBase ToGo, and can be used for development with the ToGo edition.
  3. The MacOS folder looks like the following with <interbase> as the location of the extracted files:
< interbase>

Converting Mac Server Application to ToGo

When deploying with the ToGo edition, you just need to make sure that libibtogo.dylib is installed and the environment variable DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH has been updated to include the location of the libibtogo.dylib

You also need to create an interbase sub-directory under your application directory and copy the required "ibconfig" and interbase.msg file. The license sub-directory must also be located here.

The location of the InterBase configuration file and other files such as interbase.msg are limited to the "interbase" sub-directory relative to the application. The interbase.log file also defaults to the interbase sub-directory on Mac OS X. You can control the location of the interbase.log file by setting the following environment variable, in order of precedence.

INTERBASE_TMP environment variable
TMP environment variable

It is recommended you use EUA which means that you do not need the admin.ib. If you do not want to use EUA, copy your admin.ib to the interbase sub-directory.

You might need the i18n (gdsintl), UDF (ib_udf) and other InterBase provided libraries if you use them in your application. Please update your configuration file, ibconfig, to include the location of the UDF directory if it is not the default interbase/UDF.

For ToGo deployment you just need the runtime fileset mentioned below; you can choose to deploy the full set should you need to use the InterBase command-line tools and documentation.

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