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Go Up to ToGo Quick Start

The InterBase ToGo has two different platforms: ToGo and IBLite. Developers targeting database application deployment to an iOS can deploy either with a (for cost) "ToGo" license, or (no cost) "Lite" license. ToGo and IBLite have the same development model; both are embedded applications using the ToGo library.

The InterBase ToGo database engine is embedded in applications by directly using the InterBase database engine library. It does not have to be installed on any server or end-user workstation and it does not require that InterBase be installed on a machine before being used like InterBase Server and Desktop.

Applications built for iOS and Android can embed InterBase ToGo with IBLite licensing. IBLite is a "free" deployment . This application has limited capabilities when compared to the InterBase ToGo Edition on the same platform. However, for a fee, you can upgrade IBLite to the InterBase ToGo edition that has additional features.

IBLite is available for the iOS and Android platforms. The InterBase ToGo Test Deployment is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

This Quick Start provides information necessary to run both InterBase ToGo and IBLite. For information on using InterBase ToGo for iOS and Android click the links below:

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