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You can download InterBase 2020 Update 2 on the new products portal.
Note: Click Previous Releases for all releases prior to InterBase 2020.

  • This release introduces bug fixes. See Resolved Defects for a complete list of bug fixes.
  • This release introduces Enhancements see Enhancements for details.

What's New

This release doesn’t include new features.


InterBase Manager (IBMgr on Windows)

InterBase 2020 Update 3 introduces the following enhancements to InterBase Manager:

  • HighDPI support and UI improvements.
  • You can now view Server and Guardian properties when InterBase runs as a Windows Service.

Change Views

  • Added ADO.NET and Change Views support, for more information on ADO.NET and Change Views refer to the ADO.NET documentation, read the blog post, you can get ADO.NET drivers from nuget


  • Expression Index can now be used to optimize query filters using STARTING WITH and LIKE predicates matching input expressions.


  • The Object window, and WISQL windows, now execute SELECT statements in precommitted reads so they don't stick the OIT/OAT (transaction) in the database. Thus normal GC and sweep of obsolete versions will not be held back.

OS Support

  • InterBase 2020 Update 3 is also certified for use on Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

Bug Fixes

See Resolved Defects for a list of bug fixes in InterBase 2020 Update 3.

System Requirements/Prerequisites

For system requirements to install and run InterBase, see System Requirements/Prerequisites.

Migration Issues

Note: Click here for all issues prior to InterBase 2020.

Migration Issues for InterBase 2020

  • Database backups created with InterBase 2020 Update 1 should be restored with a 2020 Update 1 (or greater) client (gbak) or server (service api) version. If you choose to restore the backup to an older version of the server with an older ODS version, please use the 2020 Update 1 GBAK client to restore.
  • InterBase 2020 creates databases with ODS 18 by default, but it can connect to databases with ODS 13 and later versions for transactional workload.
  • InterBase 2020 allows backup of ODS 11 and ODS 12 databases using the gbak command-line tool only using client/server mode, not service manager mode. You can use this feature when migrating from old InterBase ODS 11 and 12 databases.
  • New InterBase keywords introduced in this release include: COLLATION is a reserved keywords in InterBase 2020.

Known Issues

No known issues in this release.

Resolved Defects

External Defect # Description
(QC)SalesForce #
Internal Defect #
InterBase 2020 Update 5: October 2023, bugs fixed in version 2020 Update 5, build
INTB-4328 [IB ODBC] SQLGetTypeInfo returns unsupported type
SF Case 00997126


IBConsole seems to run select statements in a different transaction.
INTB-4253 On a 64-bit Windows OS, InterBase 64-bit client libraries are not getting installed with a InterBase 32-bit Server Edition installer; ibclient64.dll, ibxml64.dll and ib_util64.dll
INTB-4250 "Transaction is not active" occurs when outputting to a data file with SaveOutput of IBConsle
INTB-4248 InterBase Client errors out during a OTW/SSL connection providing a serverPublicPath if default location for serverPublicFile does not have valid certificate
INTB-4245 ISQL client crashing when displaying SSL error message
INTB-4229 Parameters in UDF calls result in an unknown data type error on prepare.
INTB-4223 GSTAT output "Encoded option" lines under Journal Log items listing
INTB-4219 ISQL status vector warnings not showing when executing DDL
INTB-4218 Corrupted status vector returned when altering a Stored Procedure with DATE data type in a Dialect 1 database
INTB-4216 Secondary file in PRIMARY tablespace not getting created properly in RDB$FILES; backward compatibility broken
SF Case 00976258


It is not possible to create a database with 64 bit IBConsole when using IBTogo
INTB-4212 TMP$ALLOCATED_PAGES does not reflect changes over time in allocated pages in lingered database
INTB-4211 TMP$ALLOCATED_PAGES does not reflect allocated pages in tablespaces
SF Case 00973062


InterBase server crash when provided an invalid service ID
SF Case 00971624


System Global temporary tables contain no records
INTB-4156 During recompile, IBConsole generates wrong alter trigger DDL if trigger name ends in word, create
INTB-3940 Altering size of a DOMAIN of type VARCHAR results in more than expected bytes allocation
INTB-3905 IBConsole database restore service overwrites restored database pagesize different from what is set in the backup file
INTB-3855 Unassigned CODE instead of SQL warning code 301
InterBase 2020 Update 4: December 2022, bugs fixed in version 2020 Update 4, build
INTB-4171 IBConsole data modification and export data issues with column names starting with digits
INTB-4170 Access violations when clicking database treeview in IBConsole
INTB-4164 ISQL SHOW DATABASE missing information on SHADOW files with ODS 18
SF Case 00958800


InterBase 2020 Server crash when canceling a running request
INTB-4125 ISQL extract does not recognize SQL Dialect 1 database global temporary table as such
SF Case 00938128


InterBase server crash in user table trigger after moving to InterBase 2020 Update 2
SF Case 00944191


IBConsole Table Data tab doesn't let you modify data
SF Case 00927962


InterBase 2020 deadlocks and then crashes (Linux)
INTB-4052 InterBase server unresponsive for new connection requests; CPU processor at 100%
SF Case 00897115


InterBase 2020 is crashing on license reload on Windows 2019
SF Case 00894249


TMP$POOLS entry goes missing in RDB$RELATIONS leading to corruption report
INTB-3992 New ADO.NET driver does not test for nulls correctly in change views
SF Case 00869064


IBConsole displays an Access Violation dialog on startup when a VCL style is enabled
SF Case 00799480


Negative values shown for TMP$DATABASE.TMP$CURRENT_MEMORY
INTB-3835 Can not access EUA database using InterBase 2020 up1 IBconsole
SF Case 00783012


Performance Monitor cannot deal with external tables
InterBase 2020 Update 3: April 2022, bugs fixed in version 2020 Update 3, build
SF Case 00915057


InterBase crashes when using a IN clause and a subquery
SF Case 00914437


InterBase 2020 Update 2 crashes with syntactically incorrect query
SF Case 00895549


InterBase 2020 Build 482 crashes when querying System global temporary tables
SF Case 00866648


IBConsole Diagnose Connection dialog too small and cannot be resized
SF Case 924768


Restore database with GBAK does not work when spaces in directory name
SF Case 931271


Online dump remains in TMP$DATABASE when there are no connections
INTB-4081 Error trying to open an ODS15 DB with a high transaction number
SF Case 00927047


Import of CSV files does not work in IBConsole
SF Case 00917838


Import of Raw IBX files data in IBConsole does not work
INTB-4043 IBConsole: AV in View Editor after deleting column
SF Case 800497, 00912051


IB 2020 cannot access specific ODS 15 database
INTB-4068 Display licensed CPU count in interbase.log for usage confirmation
InterBase 2020 Update 2: September 2021, bugs fixed in version 2020 Update 2, build
INTB-4034 "CREATE USER foo SET INACTIVE" does not work
INTB-4021 Incremental Online dumps using the DPB method worked in IB2020 and earlier, but was broken around update 1 timeframe.
INTB-4009 "Stack overflow" error returned when using a derived table as part of a JOIN
SF Case 00888133


InterBase server crash when using a derived table alias in a PLAN syntax
INTB-3981 InterBase installer script on Linux does not work for "Console" mode
SF Case 00882697


If the IBConsole WISQL window is minimized, it cannot be restored
SF Case 00882510


Wrong result set returned by query when using tablename qualifier from outer scope in subquery
INTB-3953 For database in Linger mode, if underlying database file is deleted in file system, the loaded database stays resident in memory forever for the server session
INTB-3947 database linger countdown proceeding even if new attachments came in since last garbage collector check
SF Case 00874221, 00879632


Database write mode not changed with IBConsole Properties
SF Case 00873954


IBConsole does not display database properties when connection uses Alias DB Alias


error import csv txt
SF Case 868447


Dropping a subscription using IBConsole fails to delete permissions from RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES
INTB-3934 Crash when an EUA user activates a subscription tracking deletes


A syntax error in CTE query crashes the server
SF Case 00866587


Untrapped Server crash when setting a subscription to active


Impossible to modify a view in InterBase 2020 with IBConsole
SF Case 00865039


Atom unlock invalid state level: 1 appearing in interbase.log with build
SF Case 00862442


Examining the metadata of an ODS 17 backup MUCH slower than that of an ODS 18
SF Case 00859749


Recompile of stored procedures hangs when hundreds of them are done at the same time
SF Case 00858974


It is not possible to log in to an EUA database if the sysdba password is not the same as server's SYSDBA password
SF Case 00859012


Unexplained InterBase server crash due to heavy load
SF Case 811739


A full backup of a database with tablespaces breaks the restore of a tablespace and corrupts the database
SF Case 00811085


InterBase server crash with UNIONs in Derived Table definition
SF Case 00796052


Not possible to connect to a database in IBConsole if EUA SYSDBA Password is different from Server password
SF Case 00794471


Silent installer places superkey slip files in Program Files
SF Case 00789869


Using invalid column alias in derived table causes server crash
SF Case 00766141


IBServer crash on update online dump
SF Case 00762676


Crash on executing selects with derived tables
SF Case 00585868


IBConsole cannot set up Performance Monitoring Logs on ODS 16 and above


Derived table column naming
INTB-3018 "Invalid command must specify column name for view select expression" querying count in a CTE expression
InterBase 2020 Update 1 Hotfix 2: October 2020, bugs fixed in version 2020 Update 1 Hotfix 2, build
INTB-3889 Fix isc_info_db_sep_external info item to return status for external, internal, or no SEP.
SF Case 811259


It is not possible to fetch alias information simultaneously from multiple clients.


Multiple service API attachments at the same time crash the server.
INTB-3878 Simultaneous service api attachments causes a server crash in PWD_REQUEST


Database restore reports "No current record for fetch operation"
SF Case 787085


InterBase Server crash when executing many simultaneous database alias service requests
InterBase 2020 Update 1 Hotfix 1: June 2020, bugs fixed in version 2020 Update 1 Hotfix1, build
INTB-3820 InterBase 2020 Update 1 32 bit server (build does not start
INTB-3818 InterBase 2020 (build ToGo does not include any files for macOS
INTB-3817 All generators needed by system triggers are returning wrong values
SF Case 792965


Exception not called from trigger
InterBase 2020 Update 1: May 2020, bugs fixed in version 2020 Update 1.
INTB-3809 IBConsole Database Online Dump with tablespaces not working when targeting a named InterBase instance (not default)


Backup of primary tablespace gives an error
INTB-3785 Cannot restore database backup coming from ODS 18 to ODS < 18, even without using tablespaces
SF Case 784575


InterBase server crash on attach database
INTB-3769 Change Views query with LEFT OUTER JOIN returning with SQLIND_INSERT set for generated RHS table record


Starting IBMGR changes service name to include XE7
INTB-3755 InterBase hangs when performing an online dump
SF Case 770527


Restore of PRIMARY tablespace not possible
SF Case 774492


InterBase crashes on receiving WM_DEVICECHANGE message on Windows
INTB-3746 InterBase 2020 PDF documentation is still 2017 version
INTB-3743 Install launcher on Windows has wrong URL to "Setup Information" and Readme
INTB-3742 IBConsole WISQL data grid font not changing as per Edit | Font selection
SF Case 766570


Derived table using ROWS key word delivers wrong result set
INTB-3719 InterBase server hangs when connecting to a database file following a failed drop database operation on the same database
SF Case 761090


Customer reports InterBase crash dump is not getting delivered on server crash
INTB-3716 "partner index description not found" error when foreign key table resides in another tablespace
SF Case 764447


Server crash on using sample UDF BLOB_LINECOUNT
INTB-3682 Ubuntu: ibmgr could not shutdown ibserver normally
SF Case 670588


Installanywhere installer configures Guardian service startup to manual
INTB-3417 on Installing InterBase 2017, service name "InterBase XE7 Guardian" is shown on service list


internal gds software consistency while update onlinedump
INTB-3664 Restoring a database with "inactive" option for indexes fails if the index is used in a PLAN inside a SP/Trigger
InterBase 2020: November 2019, bugs fixed in version 2020 Update 5.
INTB-3729 Dynamic SQL Error on select Tables in IBConsole
INTB-3722 ISQL Extract for Domain check validation code is case sensitive when checking "Check"
INTB-3714 UDF examples: string manipulation function declaration (udf.sql) and definition (udflib.c) not in sync
INTB-3706 replace_tablespace with just PRIMARY mentioned results in "index unexpectedly deleted" error in GBAK
INTB-3704 GBAK reports "gbak: ERROR: Cannot attach to services manager" when given a long string of command line options
SF Case 761484


IBConsole cannot run SET Subscription

SF Case 761090

InterBase server crash on highly active system
INTB-3670 IBConsole fails to extract individual database entity metadata, and gives the whole database metadata

SF Case 757728

InterBase server reports software consistency check error when accessing a newly created Change View subscription in Dialect 1 with SQL extension IS INSERTED clause
INTB-3648 InterBase server hangs during a sort/merge operation
INTB-3645 SELECT returns "Invalid BLOB id" error
INTB-3644 IBConsole Server-wide Performance Monitoring "Find Attachment" button sometimes finds an attachment from a different database
INTB-3641 Dynamic SQL Error on select Tables in IBConsole
INTB-3636 BLOB performance, temporary memory leak issue.
INTB-3525 JDBC API ResultSet.getObject() truncates text blob data instead of returning whole object.

SF Case 671345

InterBase crashes during short term recovery if GROUP COMMIT is turned on

SF Case 667105

InterBase server crash when ending transactions

SF Case 667114

Continuous return of single row using an index for ORDER BY results in client hang

SF Case 661894

Stored procedure called in a trigger hangs, when only a single row needs to be returned using an index

SF Case 661330

Change View subscriptions on tables tracking DELETE may result in duplicate/lost rows during GC

SF Case 657237

Erroneous select from stored procedure causes server crash
INTB-3258 [IBConsole] Admin.ib Performance Monitoring cause key violation
INTB-3096 IBConsole reports "Abstract Error" when launching Performance Monitor against Dialect 1 database
INTB-2928 [IBConsole] Error when using Find in the Text Viewer window.
INTB-1792 IBConsole cannot display Unicode Blobs

Note: Click here for list of resolved defects prior to InterBase 2020.

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