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The Tools dialog allows you to add custom tools for IBConsole.

Managing Custom Tools in IBConsole

To add a tool, use the Add button in the Tools dialog. Enter the following information to add a tool (all fields are optional):

  • Title: The name for the tool. This name is the caption that shows in the Tools menu. You may use the ampersand (&) to specify an accelerator key. If you do not specify an accelerator key, IBConsole assigns one automatically.
IBConsole automatically resolves conflicting accelerator keys.
  • Program: The path to the executable for the tool.
  • Working Dir: Set the working directory for your utility in the Working Dir field. If no working directory is specified, then it defaults to the current directory.
  • Parameters: Type any other parameters needed to run your utility in the Parameters field.

To modify an existing entry for a tool, select the tool and use the Edit button.

To remove a tool, select the tool and use the Delete button.

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