What's New in InterBase 2020 Update 3

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InterBase 2020 Update 3 includes enhancements and bug fixes.

See the following sections for more information:

New Features

This release doesn’t include new features.


InterBase Manager (IBMgr on Windows)

InterBase 2020 Update 3 introduces the following enhancements to InterBase Manager:

  • HighDPI support and UI improvements.
  • You can now view Server and Guardian properties when InterBase runs as a Windows Service.

Change Views

  • Added ADO.NET and Change Views support, for more information on ADO.NET and Change Views refer to the ADO.NET documentation, read the blog post, you can get ADO.NET drivers from nuget


  • Expression Index can now be used to optimize query filters using STARTING WITH and LIKE predicates matching input expressions.


  • The Object window, and WISQL windows, now execute SELECT statements in precommitted reads so they don't stick the OIT/OAT (transaction) in the database. Thus normal GC and sweep of obsolete versions will not be held back.

OS Support

  • InterBase 2020 Update 3 is also certified for use on Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

Bug Fixes

See Resolved Defects for a list of bug fixes in InterBase 2020 Update 3.

System Requirements/Prerequisites

For system requirements to install and run InterBase, see System Requirements/Prerequisites.