Data.DB.TFloatField Methods

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_AddRefprotectedCalled when an application uses a component interface.
_ReleaseprotectedCalled when an application releases a component interface.
AccessErrorprotectedCreates en error message and returns an EDatabaseError exception.
AfterConstructionpublicResponds after the last constructor has executed.
AssignpublicCopies the Value property from another field component or assigns another object to the field component.
AssignToprotectedCopies the properties of an object to a destination object.
AssignValuepublicSets the field value using one of the AsInteger, AsBoolean, AsString or AsFloat properties.
AsyncScheduleprotectedSchedules asynch method calls.
BeforeDestructionpublicPerforms any necessary actions before the first destructor is called.
BeginInvokepublicPerforms an asynchronous call to the method specified by either AProc or AFunc.
BindprotectedVerifies whether the field is a lookup field and refreshes or validates the lookup list.
ChangeprotectedGenerates an OnChange event.
ChangeNameprotectedSets the private, internal storage for the Name property to the string passed in NewName.
CheckDisposedprotectedThis method is deprecated.
CheckInactiveprotectedChecks whether the dataset is inactive or not.
CheckTypeSizeprotectedPerforms the validation of a field's size.
ClassInfopublicReturns a pointer to the run-time type information (RTTI) table for the object type.
ClassNamepublicReturns a string indicating the type of the object instance (as opposed to the type of the variable passed as an argument).
ClassNameIspublicDetermines whether an object is of a specific type.
ClassParentpublicReturns the type of the immediate ancestor of a class.
ClassTypepublicReturns the class reference for the object's class.
CleanupInstancepublicPerforms finalization on long strings, variants, and interface variables within a class.
ClearpublicSets the value of the field to NULL.
CopyData (deprecated)protectedCopies bytes of data from a given source to a given destination.
CreatepublicCreates an instance of TFloatField.
DataChangedprotectedGenerates a deFieldChange event.
DataSetMissingErrorprotectedRaises an EDatabaseError exception.
DefaultHandlerpublicProvides the interface for a method that processes message records.
DefinePropertiesprotectedDesignates a method for storing TField unpublished data on a stream such as a form file.
DestroyComponentspublicDestroys all owned components.
DestroyingpublicIndicates that the component and its owned components are about to be destroyed.
DispatchpublicCalls message-handling methods for the object, based on the contents of the Message parameter.
DisposeOfpublicDisposeOf forces the execution of the destructor code in an object.
EndFunctionInvokepublicBlocks the caller until the specified ASyncResult completes.
EndInvokepublicBlocks the caller until the specified ASyncResult completes.
EqualspublicChecks whether the current instance and the Obj parameter are equal.
ExecuteActionpublicExecutes an action.
FieldAddresspublicReturns the address of a published object field.
FieldValueErrorprotectedRaises an EDatabaseError exception.
FindComponentpublicIndicates whether a given component is owned by the component.
FocusControlpublicForces a form's focus to the first data-aware component associated with the field object.
FreepublicDestroys an object and frees its associated memory, if necessary.
FreeBuffersprotectedFrees used buffers.
FreeInstancepublicDeallocates memory allocated by a previous call to the NewInstance method.
FreeNotificationpublicEnsures that AComponent is notified that the component is going to be destroyed.
FreeOnReleasepublicFrees the interface reference for components that were created from COM classes.
GetAsAnsiStringprotectedReturns the value of the field as an AnsiString.
GetAsBCDprotectedReturns the value of the field as a TBcd.
GetAsBooleanprotectedReturns the value of the field as a Boolean.
GetAsByteArrayprotectedReturns the value of the field as a Variant holding unformatted data.
GetAsBytesprotectedReturns the value of the field as TBytes.
GetAsCurrencyprotectedReturns the value of the field as a Currency.
GetAsDateTimeprotectedReturns the value of the field as a TDateTime.
GetAsExtendedprotectedReturns the value of the field as an Extended.
GetAsFloatprotectedReturns the value of the field as a Double.
GetAsIntegerprotectedReturns the value of the field as a long integer.
GetAsLargeIntprotectedReturns the value of the field as an Int64.
GetAsSingleprotectedReturns the value of the field as a Single.
GetAsSQLTimeStampprotectedReturns the value of the field as a TSQLTimeStamp.
GetAsSQLTimeStampOffsetprotectedReturns the value of the field as a TSQLTimeStampOffset.
GetAsStringprotectedReturns the value of the field as a string.
GetAsVariantprotectedReturns the value of the field as a Variant.
GetAsWideStringprotectedReturns the value of the field as a WideString.
GetCanModifyprotectedReturns whether the field's contents can be modified.
GetChildOwnerprotectedReturns the owner of a child component being read from a stream.
GetChildParentprotectedReturns the parent or, if there is no parent, returns the owner of a child component being read from a stream.
GetChildrenprotectedEnumerates all child components.
GetClassDescprotectedReturns the abbreviated class name of the field.
GetData (deprecated)publicReturns the unformatted data for the field.
GetDataSizeprotectedReturns the number of bytes necessary to store the field's value (8 bytes).
GetDefaultWidthprotectedReturns the field's default width.
GetDisposedprotectedGetter for the Disposed property.
GetEnumeratorpublicReturns a TComponent enumerator.
GetFieldNoprotectedReturns the ordinal position of the field's column in the underlying table or query result.
GetHasConstraintsprotectedReturns whether field values are constrained.
GetHashCodepublicReturns an integer containing the hash code.
GetIDsOfNamesprotectedMaps a single member and an optional set of argument names to a corresponding set of integer dispatch identifiers (dispIDs).
GetInterfacepublicRetrieves a specified interface.
GetInterfaceEntrypublicReturns the entry for a specific interface implemented in a class.
GetInterfaceTablepublicReturns a pointer to a structure containing all of the interfaces implemented by a given class.
GetIOSizeprotectedReturns the maximum number of bytes of the buffer.
GetIsNullprotectedReturns whether the field has data or not.
GetLookupListClassprotectedReturns the TLookupListClass data type.
GetNamePathpublicReturns a string used by the Object Inspector.
GetObserversprotectedGetter of Observers.
GetOwnerprotectedReturns the owner of a component.
GetParentComponentpublicReturns the component which directs the loading and saving of the field.
GetSizeprotectedReturns the size used in the definition of the physical database field for data types that support different sizes.
GetTextprotectedReturns the field's value as a string.
GetTypeInfoprotectedRetrieves the type information for an object.
GetTypeInfoCountprotectedReturns the number of type information interfaces that an object provides (either 0 or 1).
GetValueprotectedFills Value with the double-precision floating-point value of this field, and returns True if the field contains a value or False if the field data is null.
GetWideTextprotectedReturns the field's value as a UnicodeString.
HasParentpublicReturns true, indicating that field components act as part of a larger composite.
InheritsFrompublicDetermines the relationship of two object types.
InitInstancepublicInitializes a newly allocated object instance to all zeros and initializes the instance's virtual method table pointer.
InsertComponentpublicEstablishes the component as the owner of a specified component.
InstanceSizepublicReturns the size in bytes of each instance of the object type.
InvalidFloatValueprotectedRaises an EDatabaseError exception.
InvalidIntegerErrorprotectedRaises an EDatabaseError exception.
InvokeprotectedProvides access to Automation properties and methods when the component wraps an Automation object.
IsBlobpublicIndicates whether the field represents the data in a binary large object (BLOB) field.
IsImplementorOfpublicIndicates whether the component implements a specified interface.
IsValidCharpublicIndicates whether a particular character is valid for the field.
LoadedprotectedInitializes the component after the form file has been read into memory.
MethodAddresspublicReturns the address of a class method by name.
MethodNamepublicReturns the name of a class method by address.
NewInstancepublicAllocates memory for an instance of an object type and returns a pointer to that new instance.
NotificationprotectedNotifies that components are to be inserted to or removed from a form.
operator ()publicC++ conversion of a TComponent into a System.Classes.IInterfaceComponentReference or a System.IInterface, depending on casting.
PropertyChangedprotectedGenerates dataset change and layout change events.
QualifiedClassNamepublicReturns the qualified name of the class.
QueryInterfaceprotectedReturns a reference to a specified interface if the current component supports that interface.
RangeErrorprotectedRaises a data range error exception.
ReadStateprotectedReads the state of the component.
ReferenceInterfacepublicEstablishes or removes internal links that cause this component to be notified when the implementer of a specified interface is destroyed.
RefreshLookupListpublicLoads LookupList with all the values for LookupResultField that match distinct values of LookupKeyFields.
RemoveComponentpublicRemoves a specified component specified from the component's Components list.
RemoveFreeNotificationpublicDisables the destruction notification that was enabled by FreeNotification.
RemoveFreeNotificationsprotectedNotifies all owned components of the owner component's imminent destruction.
SafeCallExceptionpublicHandles exceptions in methods declared using the safecall calling convention.
SetAncestorprotectedClears or sets csAncestor state in the component's ComponentState property.
SetAsAnsiStringprotectedSets the value of the field with the given AnsiString value.
SetAsBCDprotectedSets the value of the field with the given TBcd value.
SetAsBooleanprotectedSets the value of the field with the given Boolean value.
SetAsByteArrayprotectedSets the value of the field with the given unformatted data passed-in as a Variant.
SetAsBytesprotectedSets the value of the field with the given unformatted data passed in as TBytes.
SetAsCurrencyprotectedSets the value of the field with the given Currency value.
SetAsDateTimeprotectedSets the value of the field with the given TDateTime value.
SetAsExtendedprotectedSets the value of the field with the given Extended value.
SetAsFloatprotectedSets the value of the field with the given Double.
SetAsIntegerprotectedSets the value of the field with the given Integer.
SetAsLargeIntprotectedSets the value of the field with the given Int64 value.
SetAsSingleprotectedSets the value of the field with the given Single.
SetAsSQLTimeStampprotectedSets the value of the field with the given TSQLTimeStamp value.
SetAsSQLTimeStampOffsetprotectedSets the value of the field with the given TSQLTimeStampOffset value.
SetAsStringprotectedSets the value of the field with the given string value.
SetAsVariantprotectedAttempts to set the value of the field with the given Variant value.
SetAsWideStringprotectedSets the value of the field with the given WideString value.
SetChildOrderprotectedSets the visual ordering of a child control.
SetData (deprecated)publicAssigns unformatted data to the field.
SetDataSetprotectedAdds the field to the specified dataset.
SetDataTypeprotectedSets the data type of the field's contents.
SetDesigningprotectedEnsures that components inserted at design time have their design-mode flag set.
SetDesignInstanceprotectedEnsures that components inserted at design time have their design-mode flag set.
SetDisplayFormatprotectedAlters the way numerical data is displayed in a field.
SetEditFormatprotectedSets how a numeric field's value is formatted when it is being edited in a data-aware control.
SetFieldDefPropspublicSets the properties of the specified FieldDef from this field's properties.
SetFieldKindprotectedSets the field's kind according to the given parameter.
SetFieldPropspublicSets this field's properties from the given definition.
SetFieldTypepublicProvides the interface for a method that can set the DataType for the field.
SetInlineprotectedSets the csInline bit of the component's ComponentState property.
SetNameprotectedSets the value of the Name property.
SetParentComponentpublicSets the parent component.
SetParentFieldprotectedSets the TObjectField from which the field is derived.
SetSizeprotectedSets the field's size.
SetSubComponentpublicIdentifies whether the component is a subcomponent.
SetVarValueprotectedSets the value of the field with the given Variant.
SetWideTextprotectedSets the value of the field with the given UnicodeString value.
ToStringpublicReturns a string containing the class name.
UnitNamepublicReturns the name of the unit where the class is defined.
UnitScopepublicReturns the class's unit scope.
UpdateActionpublicUpdates the state of an action.
UpdatedprotectedClears the csUpdating state in the component's ComponentState property when the component finishes updating.
UpdateRegistryprotectedProvides the interface for a method that adds type library and version information to the Registry on components that implement COM interfaces.
UpdatingprotectedSets the csUpdating state in the component's ComponentState property.
Validate (deprecated)publicGenerates an OnValidate event.
ValidateContainerprotectedDetermines whether an object can be inserted into a container.
ValidateInsertprotectedProvides the interface for a method that validates a child component before it is inserted.
ValidateRenameprotectedEnsures that renaming an owned component does not create a name conflict.
WriteStateprotectedWrites the state of the component.