Preparing Files for Remote Debugging

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Note: This topic describes how to prepare files for debugging using the old-style remote debugger.

Note: Although the old-style remote debugging solution is still supported, we recommend that you use the new remote and multi-device debugging solution which enables you to:

  • Use the integrated debugger to debug remote and multi-device applications.
  • Use the Deployment Manager to configure and deploy your applications.

Executable files and symbol files must be copied to the remote machine after they are compiled. You must set the correct options on your local machine in order to generate these files.

To prepare files for debugging on a remote machine:

  1. Open the project on your local machine.
  2. For Delphi, choose Project > Options > Linking and ensure that the Include remote debug symbols option is checked. This directs the compiler to generate a symbol file. Delphi projects can generate RSM and TDS debug files.

Delphi Note: It is also important to remember when setting your project's compiler and linker options, that Optimization should be turned off, and Stack Frames turned on (on the Compiling page), just as when you are debugging locally. To verify that compiler and linker options are set correctly for debugging, open the Projects Window, double-click the Debug build configuration to select the Debug build, and then right-click Edit .

  1. Compile the project on your local machine.
  2. Copy the executable files and symbol files for the project to the remote machine.
  3. Choose Run > Load Process .
  4. Specify the directory into which you copied the symbol files in the Debug symbols search path field.
  5. Click OK.

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